Or. Admin. R. 635-075-0005 - Registration, Application and Tag Issuance Procedures and Limits for All Controlled Hunts

(1) A landowner shall submit a landowner preference registration form to be eligible for a landowner preference tag. A one-time fee of $33.50 is required at the time of registration for new program participants. A landowner can have only one registration form on file with the Department. However, an individual who owns (through business entities, in the individual's own name or a combination thereof) more than one property eligible for the landowner preference program may register each such property. The registration form is an affidavit certifying ownership, number of acres owned, the county and Wildlife Management Unit where the property is located. This registration form registers the individual and remains valid until the individual registered no longer qualifies as a landowner as defined under OAR 635-045-0002, writes to the Department requesting the registration form be deleted, or the Department notifies the landowner that a renewal is required.
(2) In addition to having a landowner preference registration form on file with the Department, a landowner or an authorized designee identified by the landowner in writing to the Department shall submit a tag distribution form annually. The tag distribution form shall list the names of the landowner, stockholder(s), partner(s), and their immediate family members to receive tags for pronghorn antelope, and the names of the landowner, stockholder(s), partner(s), their immediate family members, and those persons of the landowners' choosing to receive landowner preference tags for deer and elk.
(3) Landowners shall submit registration forms and landowners or their designee shall submit tag distribution forms prior to September 15 for all controlled 100 series buck deer and bull elk hunts, and through the day prior to the season openings for 600 series antlerless deer, antlerless elk, and either-sex or doe/fawn pronghorn antelope hunts. A Landowner Preference Tag Redistribution fee of $16.50 will be charged per species for amendments made to the original tag distribution forms.
(4) Registration forms and tag distribution forms are available at no charge online and in any office of the Department.
(5) Registration forms, tag distribution forms, and applications shall be received at the Salem headquarters office of the Department prior to issuance of any landowner preference tag, except as provided for in OAR 635-075-0007. Landowners are not required to submit proof of ownership with their registration form. Landowners shall be required to submit proof of ownership at the request of the Department or the Oregon State Police acting on behalf of the Department.
(6) A landowner, stockholder(s), partner(s), and immediate family and those persons of the landowners' choosing wishing to also apply for controlled hunt tags shall apply by the May 15 controlled hunt deadline. Listing a hunt choice other than a landowner preference choice is not required.
(7) Everyone shall follow controlled hunt application procedures and regulations as described in OAR Division 060.
(8) The number of landowner preference tags issued is based upon a landowner's acreage. Landowner Preference tags shall be allocated by the following minimum acreage requirements: [Table attached]
(9) Landowner preference tags for the hunting of deer or elk may be issued to any person of the landowner's choosing, and shall be used for the taking of antlerless animals except as described in OAR 635-075-0005(10). Season dates of the transferred landowner preference tags shall be the same dates as the original tag.
(10) Landowner preference tags for the hunting of antlered deer or elk may be issued to a person of the landowner's choosing who is not a member of the landowner's, partner's, or stockholder's immediate family as follows:
(a) A landowner who is issued only one tag may not transfer that tag.
(b) A landowner who is issued two or more tags may transfer not more than 50 percent of the tags to a person who is not an immediate family member as defined in ORS 496.146(4). If calculation of the number of tags eligible for transfer under the provisions of this paragraph results in a fraction, the Commission shall round up the number of tags to the next whole number.
(11) A landowner who is qualified to receive landowner hunting preference tags may request two additional tags for providing public access and/or two additional tags for wildlife habitat programs. This request shall be made to the Access and Habitat Board with supporting evidence that the access is significant and the habitat programs benefit wildlife. The board may recommend that the commission grant the request. These tags may not be applied to the options as defined in OAR 635-075-0005(8).
(12) No one shall receive both a controlled hunt tag and a landowner preference tag for the same type of hunt. Landowner hunting preference tags shall not be issued to any person successful in the controlled hunt drawing for the same type of hunt.
(13) Landowner preference tags, except as described in OAR 635-075-0007, 635-075-0010, and 635-075-0015 shall only be authorized by the headquarters office of the Department following the controlled hunt drawings.


Or. Admin. R. 635-075-0005
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Statutory/Other Authority: SB 247 (2015), ORS 496.012, 496.138, 496.146 & 496.162

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 496.012, 496.138, 496.146 & 496.162

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