Or. Admin. R. 647-010-0005 - Definitions

(1) "Person" means any individual, corporation, association, partnership or joint stock company.
(2) "Commission" means the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission.
(3) "First Purchaser" means any person who buys any of the named vegetable crops from the producer in the first instance, or handler who receives the vegetables in the first instance from the producer for resale for processing.
(4) "Producer" means a person or other legal entity producing the named vegetable crops in Oregon for processing, whether as a landowner, landlord, tenant, sharecropper or otherwise.
(5) "Handler" means any producer, processor, distributor or other person engaged in handling or marketing of or dealing in any of the named vegetable crops, whether as owner, agent, employee, broker or otherwise.
(a) Vegetables as described under the Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission include the following species:
(A) Beans, Phaseolus vulgaris L (including green, wax and romano, but not dry beans);
(B) Sweet Corn, Zea May L (or other types of corn processed for human consumption);
(C) Table Beet, Beta Vulgaris L;
(D) Carrot, Daucus carota L;
(E) Broccoli, Brassica Boleracea L Italica group;
(F) Cauliflower, Boleraces L Botrytis group.
(b) Each of these vegetable crops sold through commercial channels (ORS 576.051) to processors are to be included. In this instance, processed means any form of the above named crops used for canning, freezing, drying, dehydrating or pickling. These and other vegetable crops marketed fresh are excluded.


Or. Admin. R. 647-010-0005
PVC 2-1985, f. 7-17-85, ef. 7-22-85

Stat. Auth.: ORS 576

Stats. Implemented:

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