Or. Admin. R. 660-025-0130 - Submission of Completed Work Task

(1) A local government must submit completed work tasks as provided in the approved work program or a submittal pursuant to OAR 660-025-0175 to the department along with the notice required in OAR 660-025-0140 and any form required by the department. A local government must submit to the department a list of persons who participated orally or in writing in the local proceedings leading to the adoption of the work task or who requested notice of the local government's final decision on a work task.
(2) After receipt of a work task or a submittal pursuant to OAR 660-025-0175, the department must determine whether the submittal is complete.
(3) For a periodic review task to be complete, a submittal must be a final decision containing all required elements identified for that task in the work program. The department may accept a portion of a task or subtask as a complete submittal if the work program identified that portion of the task or subtask as a separate item for adoption by the local government. All submittals required by section (1) of this rule are subject to the following requirements:
(a) If the local record does not exceed 2,000 pages, a submittal must include the entire local record, including but not limited to adopted ordinances and orders, studies, inventories, findings, staff reports, correspondence, hearings minutes, written testimony and evidence, and any other items specifically listed in the work program;
(b) If the local record exceeds 2,000 pages, a submittal must include adopted ordinances, resolutions, and orders; any amended comprehensive or regional framework plan provisions or land use regulations; findings; hearings minutes; materials from the record that the local government deems necessary to explain the submittal or cites in its findings; and a detailed index listing all items in the local record and indicating whether or not the item is included in the submittal. All items in the local record must be made available for public review during the period for submitting objections under OAR 660-025-0140. The director or commission may require a local government to submit any materials from the local record not included in the initial submittal;
(c) A submittal of over 500 pages must include an index of all submitted materials. Each document must be separately indexed, in chronological order, with the last document on the top. Pages must be consecutively numbered at the bottom of the page;
(d) If the submittal is a final decision on an urban growth boundary amendment under OAR 660-025-0175(1)(b), and the local governments submitting the amendment received one or more task approvals pursuant to OAR 660-025-0185 for components of the amendment, the submittal must include, and the record for the approved components of the urban growth boundary amendment is limited to:
(A) The approved local ordinance or ordinances that received task approval including exhibits attached thereto (e.g., residential land need analysis, economic opportunities analysis, response to deficiency); and
(B) The final order of the director or commission approving the task.
(4) A submittal includes only the materials provided to the department pursuant to section (3) of this rule. Following submission of objections pursuant to OAR 660-025-0140, the local government may:
(a) Provide written correspondence that is not part of the local record which identifies material in the record relevant to filed objections. The correspondence may not include or refer to materials not in the record submitted or listed pursuant to section (3) of this rule. The local government must provide the correspondence to each objector at the same time it is sent to the department.
(b) Submit materials in the record that were not part of the submittal under section (3) if the materials are relevant to one or more filed objections. The local government may not include or refer to materials not in the local record. The local government must provide the materials to each objector at the same time it is sent to the department.
(5) If the department determines that a submittal is incomplete, it must notify the local government. If the department determines that the submittal should be reviewed despite missing information, the department may commence a formal review of the submittal. Missing material may be identified as a deficiency in the review process and be a basis to require further work by the local government.
(6) A local government may request an extension of time for submitting a work task. The director may grant the request if the local government shows good cause for the extension. A local government may be permitted only one extension, which shall be for no more than one year.
(7) If a local government fails to submit a complete work task by the deadline set by the director, or the commission, including any extension, the director must schedule a hearing before the commission. The hearing must be conducted according to the procedures in OAR 660-025-0170(3).


Or. Admin. R. 660-025-0130
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 197.040 & ORS 197.633

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 197.628 - 197.646 & ORS 197.626(3)

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