Or. Admin. R. 660-025-0170 - Modification of an Approved Work Program, Extensions, and Sanctions for Failure to Meet Deadlines

(1) The commission may direct, or, upon request of the local government, the director may authorize, a local government to modify an approved work program when:
(a) Issues of regional or statewide significance arising out of another local government's periodic review requires an enhanced level of coordination;
(b) Issues of goal compliance are raised as a result of completion of a work task resulting in a need to undertake further review or revisions;
(c) Issues relating to the organization of the work program, coordination with affected agencies or persons, or orderly implementation of work tasks result in a need for further review or revision; or
(d) Issues relating to needed housing, economic development, transportation, public facilities and services, or urbanization were omitted from the work program but must be addressed in order to ensure compliance with the statewide planning goals.
(2) Failure to complete a modified work task shall constitute failure to complete a work task by the specified deadline, requiring the director to initiate a hearing before the commission according to the procedures in section (3).
(3) If a local government fails to submit its evaluation and work program, a decision that no work program is necessary, or a work task by the deadline set by the director or the commission, including any extension, the director shall schedule a hearing before the commission. The notice must state the date and location at which the commission will conduct the hearing. The hearing will be conducted pursuant to OAR 660-025-0085 and as follows:
(a) The director shall notify the local government in writing that its submittal is past due and that the commission will conduct a hearing and consider imposing sanctions against the local government as required by ORS 197.636(2);
(b) The director and the local government may prepare written statements to the commission addressing the circumstances causing the local government to miss the deadline and the appropriateness of any of the sanctions listed in ORS 197.636(2). The written statements must be filed in a manner and according to a schedule established by the director;
(c) The commission shall issue an order imposing one or more of the sanctions listed in ORS 197.636(2) until the local government submits its evaluation and work program or its decision that no work program is required, or its work task required under OAR 660-025-0130, as follows:
(A) Require the local government to apply those portions of the goals and rules to land use decisions as specified in an order issued by the commission,
(B) Forfeiture of all or a portion of the grant money received to conduct the review, develop the work program or complete the work task,
(C) Completion of the work program or work task by the department. The commission may require the local government to pay the cost for completion of work performed by the department, following the withholding process set forth in ORS 197.335(4),
(D) Application of such interim measures as the commission deems necessary to ensure compliance with the statewide planning goals.


Or. Admin. R. 660-025-0170
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 197.040 & 197.633

Stats. Implemented: ORS 197.628 - 197.646

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