Or. Admin. R. 660-012-0180 - Financially-Constrained Project List

(1) Cities and counties shall include a financially-constrained project list in a transportation system plan. Cities and counties shall use the prioritized unconstrained project list developed as provided in OAR 660-012-0170 and the amount of funding available developed as provided in OAR 660-012-0115 to produce the financially-constrained project list.
(2) Cities, counties, Metro, and the state may only develop, fund, and construct projects on the financially-constrained project list.
(a) Cities and counties may only submit projects on the financially-constrained project list in their transportation system plan to the financially-constrained list of a federally-required regional transportation plan.
(b) Cities and counties may permit projects on the unconstrained project list but not on the financially-constrained list to be constructed if the project is built by a property owner as a requirement of land development and the project would not require review as provided in OAR 660-012-0830.
(3) Cities and counties shall create a financially-constrained project list using the top available projects on the prioritized unconstrained project list and the planning-level cost estimates developed as provided in OAR 660-012-0170. The sum of the planning-level cost estimates for projects placed on the financially-constrained project list shall not exceed 125 percent of the funding available as identified in OAR 660-012-0115. Cities and counties shall select projects such that the resulting financially-constrained list would:
(a) Reduce per capita vehicle miles traveled, as provided in OAR 660-012-0160;
(b) Burden underserved populations less than and benefit underserved populations as much or more as the city or county population as a whole; and
(c) Make significant progress towards meeting the performance targets set for each performance measure as provided in OAR 660-012-0910 or OAR 660-044-0110.
(4) If the list of projects cannot meet each test in section (3), the city or county must adjust the project list to find the highest-ranking set of projects that can meet the criteria in section (3). This is the financially-constrained project list.
(5) Cities or counties making a major or minor amendment to the transportation system plan as provided in OAR 660-012-0105 which includes an update to any project list, shall update the financially-constrained project list as provided in this rule.
(6) Cities and counties shall prioritize the implementation of projects from the financially-constrained project list for their ability to reduce climate pollution and improve equitable outcomes using the criteria provided in section (3) of this rule.


Or. Admin. R. 660-012-0180
LCDD 2-2022, temporary adopt filed 06/01/2022, effective 6/1/2022 through 11/27/2022; LCDD 3-2022, adopt filed 08/17/2022, effective 8/17/2022

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 197.040

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 184.899, ORS 197.012, ORS 197.712 & ORS 468A.205

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