Or. Admin. R. 668-010-0015 - Reports and Payment of Assessment Moneys

(1) First purchasers and handlers must submit completed and signed assessment reports on commission approved forms. Assessment reports shall include all purchases by or deliveries to a first purchaser or handler of strawberries during the four months immediately preceding each reporting date. Assessment reports must be postmarked by 15th of the reporting month specified below. Assessments shall be reported as follows:
(a) December, January, February, March reported by May 15th;
(b) April, May, June, July reported by September 15th;
(c) August, September, October, November reported by January 15th.
(2) When a first purchaser or handler has completed, signed, and forwarded a report covering his final purchases of strawberries for the crop season, he may mark such report in large letters "FINAL REPORT FOR THIS CROP SEASON". No further reports are necessary by such first purchaser, unless or until additional purchases are made.
(3) When a first purchaser lives or has his office in another state, or is a federal or governmental agency, the producer shall report to this Commission all sales made to such purchaser as required by section (1) of this rule, and shall pay the assessment directly to the Commission, unless such first purchaser voluntarily makes the proper deduction and remits the proceeds to this Commission.
(4) At the time that reports are due the Commission from the first purchaser, as required in section (1) of this rule, the first purchaser shall attach or forward payment to the Commission for the assessment due as set forth in each such report. The forms shall be signed by the first purchaser and completely filled out, and shall include, in addition to all other required information and figures, the date each transaction is made, the name and mailing address of each producer, the crop year, the tonnage, the price, and amount of assessment deducted and withheld.
(5) Any producer who performs the handling or processing functions on all or part of his production of the commodity, which normally would be performed by another person as the first purchaser thereof, shall report his sales of such commodity of his own production on forms provided by, and pay the assessment moneys directly to the Commission, unless the first purchaser from such producer voluntarily makes proper deduction and remits the proceeds to the Commission. (This is copied from the law. Examples would be the sale by a producer direct to a peddler, to a retail store, etc.)


Or. Admin. R. 668-010-0015
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 576

Stats. Implemented: ORS 576.325, 576.335 & 576.345

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