Or. Admin. R. 734-020-0005 - Traffic Control Devices

(1) Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices:
(a) In accordance with ORS 810.200, the 2009 Edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices dated December 2009 (U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration) is hereby adopted by reference as the manual and specifications of uniform standards for traffic control devices for use upon highways within this state.
(b) The Oregon Supplement to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices dated December 2011 is hereby adopted by reference as a register of deviations to the 2009 Edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
(c) The Oregon Temporary Traffic Control Handbook dated December 2011 is hereby adopted by reference as a standard for temporary traffic control for operations of three days or less.
(2) Traffic Control Devices Committee
(a) The Traffic Control Devices Committee is created to serve as an advisory body to the State Traffic Engineer on uniform standards for traffic control devices in this state. The committee shall consist of the following persons:
(A) The State Traffic Engineer of the Department of Transportation;
(B) A State Region Traffic Manager appointed by the Department of Transportation;
(C) The Superintendent of State Police or a representative designated by the superintendent;
(D) Three City Traffic Engineers appointed by the League of Oregon Cities;
(E) Three County Traffic Engineers appointed by the Association of Oregon Counties; and
(F) A Transportation Engineer appointed by the Oregon Sections of the Institute of Transportation Engineers;
(b) Committee members serve a maximum three-year term and may be re-appointed to serve an additional three-year term.
(c) Six Committee members constitute a quorum.
(d) A Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected by the Committee to serve for the calendar year. The Chair shall prepare the agenda and moderate the meetings. The Vice-Chair shall preside in the absence of the Chair. If both are absent, a temporary Chair shall be chosen by the Committee at the meeting.
(e) The State Traffic Engineer shall serve as Secretary to the Committee assisting the Chair in preparing the agenda, publishing an agenda prior to each meeting, maintaining Committee files, and publishing minutes of meetings.
(f) The Committee shall meet every other month and at such additional times as designated by the Chair or as requested by six or more members of the Committee.


Or. Admin. R. 734-020-0005
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.616, 184.619, 366.205, 810.200 & 810.210

Stats. Implemented: ORS 810.200 & 810.210

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