Or. Admin. R. 734-075-0010 - Vehicle Combinations and Maximum Size Limitations

This rule establishes the maximum number of vehicles in combination and size of vehicles allowed when moving an over-dimensional unit:

(1) The combination must not exceed two vehicles, the towing vehicle and the unit being transported.
(2) The maximum lengths are as follows:
(a) The maximum overall length of the combination must:
(A) Not exceed 85 feet on State highways;
(B) Not exceed 95 feet on Group 1 highways; and
(C) Not exceed 110 feet on Interstate highways, multilane highways or highways approved for the longer length as authorized by a single trip permit or as authorized by written order of the Chief Engineer or the Administrator of the Commerce and Compliance Division as authorized in OAR 734-070-0010.
(b) The mobile home being towed must not exceed 80 feet, including the tongue, except as provided in OAR 734-075-0011.
(3) The maximum widths are as follows:
(a) Units must not exceed 14 feet overall width, unless a single trip permit or a limited duration permit is issued;
(b) Units transported under a single trip permit or limited duration permit are subject to the following:
(A) The unit must not exceed 16 feet at the base except as described in subsection (e);
(B) The overall width must not, except as described in subsection (e), exceed 18 feet.
(c) Except as prohibited by paragraph (b)(B) of this section, a unit may have an eave, provided the eave does not extend beyond either side by:
(A) More than 30 inches for units with a base width of less than 16 feet; or
(B) More than 16 inches for units with a base width of 16 feet or more.
(d) External appurtenances such as doorknobs, window fasteners, eave cap, clearance lights and load securement devices may exceed the width of the unit by a distance not greater than two inches on each side;
(e) A unit that exceeds 16 feet wide at the base may be allowed if the Administrator of CCD determines that the public interest requires the impending movement and the movement can be performed safely.
(4) Except as provided in subsection (5) the maximum height for the combination, while in transit, must not exceed 14 feet unless proper route clearance has been obtained and is so indicated on the single trip permit.
(5) A continuous trip permit may be issued for a combination height up to 14 feet six inches over specifically authorized routes.
(6) A combination consisting of a truck-tractor or toter towing a manufactured home, mobile home or modular building unit chassis, which may include axles and tires attached to each chassis hauled, may operate on a 30-day multiple trip permit under the following conditions:
(a) Chassis length including the tongue must not exceed 80 feet;
(b) The chassis must not be loaded end to end but may be staggered lengthwise for transport;
(c) Overhang must not extend more than five feet off the rear of the chassis transporting the load;
(d) Overall length of the combination must not exceed:
(A) 105 feet on interstate and multilane highways; and
(B) 95 feet on two-lane green and brown routes shown on Route Map 7.
(e) The chassis transporting the load must be equipped with brakes and lights that meet the requirements of CFR 49 Part 393.


Or. Admin. R. 734-075-0010
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 184.619, 810.060, 810.060 & 823.011

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 818.200 & 818.220

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