Or. Admin. R. 734-075-0040 - Warning Lights for Power Units Transporting Oversize Units

(1) Except as provided in section (3) of this rule, in addition to any other lights required by law, a power unit transporting an oversize unit must be equipped with warning lights when:
(a) Width exceeds 10 feet when operating on two lane highways; or
(b) Width exceeds 12 feet when operating on four lane highways.
(2) The warning lights will be mounted on the transporting power unit above the roof of the cab, be clearly visible from 500 feet, have a minimum of 30 flashes per minute and be either:
(a) Two flashing type amber lights as widely spaced laterally as practical;
(b) Revolving type amber light(s); or
(c) Amber type strobe lights with 360 degree visibility.
(3) A power unit transporting an oversize unit is exempt from the warning light requirements when operating with a minimum of two pilot vehicles on all highways or one pilot vehicle if width does not exceed 10 feet.


Or. Admin. R. 734-075-0040
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.616, 184.619, 810.060 & 823.011

Stats. Implemented: ORS 818.200 & 818.220

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