Or. Admin. R. 736-010-0055 - Park Resources

(1) A person may not excavate, injure, disturb, destroy, alter or remove any archaeological, cultural, or historical site, object, or material from a park property, unless authorized by the director as defined in ORS 390.235 and OAR 736-051-0060 to 736-051-0080.
(2) A visitor may only conduct the following activities with the written permission of the director, manager, or designated park employee unless the activity is specifically allowed by other sections of this rule:
(a) Dig up, or remove any sand, soil, rock, historical, or fossil materials;
(b) Place, remove, roll, or move any stones, logs or other objects that may endanger a person or damage park resources;
(c) Pick, cut, mutilate, trim, uproot, or remove any living vegetation;
(d) Harass, disturb, pursue, injure or kill wildlife; or
(e) Introduce or release animals onto the park property.
(3) A person may remove small quantities of natural materials from a park property for personal use without written permission of the department, but only if done in accordance with the following provisions:
(a) Collection is done at a park property or portion of a park property at which the department has not specifically prohibited the removal of natural products either by location or time of year through the posting of signs, publishing of maps or brochures, or indicating on the state park website; and
(b) Collection is for souvenirs that may serve as a reminder of a person's park visit and includes only a small quantity of agates and other rocks, driftwood, or similar non-living items collected for non-commercial, personal use.
(4) Notwithstanding section (2) or (3), a person must comply with existing state and federal rules and regulations concerning mining or the protection of public archeological features or artifacts on state and federal lands.
(5) Unless otherwise posted a person may gather for personal consumption berries, fruits, mushrooms, or similar edibles in quantities not to exceed one gallon per person per day.
(6) A person may not uproot living plants or collect roots, tubers, flowers, and stems except with written permission of the park manager or designated park employee and only for scientific collection or research purposes, or by a member of a federally recognized Oregon tribe for personal consumption as part of their traditional religious, medicinal, or other customary cultural heritage practices.
(7) Driftwood may be taken in small amounts in accordance with OAR 736-026-0010.
(8) A person may only give or offer food items to wildlife within a park property when authorized by the park manager.
(9) Hunting is not allowed in any area closed by the director or designee for public safety or park resource protection purposes. The department shall post safety zone signs at primary park entry points.
(10) Hunting, shooting and trapping is prohibited in park properties except under the following provisions;
(a) In compliance with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) hunting rules and regulations, and
(A) In those park properties where hunting of game species and unprotected species is specifically allowed by this rule,
(B) With written authorization by the park manager, trapping is permitted only at park properties that are open to hunting,
(C) Unprotected species can only be hunted during authorized deer, elk and game bird hunting seasons, except as authorized by the park manager, and
(D) In areas identified on OPRD Hunting Map found at the department website. Proposed zones will be posted on the department website for a minimum of 30 days prior to the effective date.
(b) Hunting shall be permitted with shotguns or bows and arrows only during ODFW authorized seasons in designated parks, unless otherwise specified in this section. Refer to OPRD Hunting Map for location and details on game species permitted for hunting at each park location.
(c) Hunting shall be permitted with rifle in portions of LaPine State Park, Cottonwood Canyon State Park and Deschutes River State Recreation Area only during ODFW authorized seasons. Refer to OPRD Hunting Map for location and details on game species permitted within the park.
(d) Hunting waterfowl is allowed in a portion of the following park boundaries:
(A) Benson State Recreation Area
(B) Bowers Rock State Park
(C) Elijah Bristow State Park
(D) Fort Stevens State Park
(E) Government Island State Recreation Area and Lemon Island
(F) Mayer State Park
(G) Rooster Rock State Park
(H) Starvation Creek State Park
(I) Grand Island in Yamhill County
(J) At Succor Creek State Park only hunting of upland game birds is allowed in a portion of the park.
(e) Hunting of game mammals, game birds, and unprotected species is allowed in a portion of the following park boundaries:
(A) Willamette River Greenway park properties
(B) Luckiamute State Natural Area
(C) Cottonwood Canyon State Park
(D) Deschutes River State Recreation Area
(E) LaPine State Recreation Area
(f) Dogs shall be kept on a leash, except:
(A) While controlled by a licensed hunter when being used to hunt game birds, including going to or coming from hunting locations; and
(B) In a posted dog training area.
(g) Hunters may not erect structures or blinds with the exception of portable blinds and tree stands that must be removed daily.
(h) Hunters shall not leave personal property or possessions overnight as provided in OAR 736-010-0040(7).


Or. Admin. R. 736-010-0055
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 390.124

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 390.111, ORS 498.002 & ORS 498.006

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