Or. Admin. R. 736-015-0040 - Miscellaneous Rentals and Products

(1) Firewood: Where conditions permit, firewood will be sold.
(2) Boat Moorage Facilities - $10 per day per boat: Where boat moorage facilities are provided they may only be reserved with other campsite reservations.
(3) Showers - $2 per person: Charged where showers are available to non-campers in a campground.
(4) Horse Camping Area:
(a) Non-hookup site: Fee Range: $17-22 per night per camper unit;
(b) Hookup site: Fee Range: $26-40 per night per camper unit;
(c) Group site (accommodates 3-5 units): Fee Range: $51-66 per night;
(d) Double site: Fee Range: $43-69 per night per two camper units;
(e) A camper unit consists of a motor home, trailer, tent or camper.
(5) Group Tent Camps: Small group tent areas available in some parks which are designed to accommodate approximately 25 people. Water and toilet facilities are provided nearby, but shower facilities may be some distance away.
(a) Base rate (0-25 people): Fee Range: $70-90 per night;
(b) Charges for persons in excess of the 25 person base rate will be $3 per person per night.
(6) Group RV Camp: Special camp area designed to accommodate RV's requiring hookups in a group setting. The camp has electrical hookups available, water, table, stove, and access to a restroom.
(a) Base rate (up to 10 units): Fee Range: $100-120 per night;
(b) Charges for units in excess of the 10-unit base rate: $10 per unit per night.
(7) Pets Staying Overnight in Facilities (Yurts, Cabins, Tepees): Not more than two pets (cat or dog only) staying overnight in facilities: $10 per night.
(8) Youth Camp (Silver Falls): Large capacity group camp facility with cabins, commercial kitchen facilities, dining hall, showers, meeting halls and swimming facilities. Minimum fee of $800 per night for up to 80 persons and $10 per person per night thereafter up to a maximum occupancy of 250 persons.
(9) Lodge/Community Hall: Large meeting facility with kitchen and restroom facilities which may be reserved overnight: Fee Range $200-250 per night.
(10) Meeting Hall: Small meeting facility, generally associated with a campground, which may have limited kitchen facilities and restrooms: Fee Range $75-125 per day.
(11) Pavilion: A large, covered day-use facility for group use: Minimum fee range of $100-150 per event for up to 50 people, and $1 per person thereafter up to the maximum occupancy of the facility.
(12) Shore Acres Garden: All facility prices, no matter which facility or combination of facilities are booked, start with a minimum of 50 persons per event. Additional people beyond the minimum of 50 are $1 per person up to a maximum of 100 people per event.
(a) Event Site: A lawn area outside the formal garden or a section of the formal garden (NOTE: sites in the garden must be booked in conjunction with another facility): Fee Range $100-150 per event.
(b) Pavilion (inside the formal garden and must be booked with an event site or the garden house): Fee Range $100-150 per event.
(c) Garden House (inside the formal garden and must be booked with the Pavilion): Fee Range: $200-250 per event.


Or. Admin. R. 736-015-0040
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 390.124

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 390.111, 390.121 & 390.124

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