Or. Admin. R. 736-021-0030 - Definitions

For purposes of this division, the definitions in ORS 358.905 and ORS 390.605 shall apply. In addition, the following definitions apply, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) "ATV" means All-Terrain Vehicle as described and defined in OAR 736-004-0015. ATV may also be referred to interchangeably as Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV).
(2) "Cobble" means a rock fragment between about 2.5 inches and 10.2 inches wide, especially one that has been naturally rounded.
(3) "Commission" means the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission.
(4) "Department" means the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.
(5) "Director" means the director of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.
(6) "Domestic animal" means those animals whose food and shelter are provided by a human custodian.
(7) "Enforcement Officer" means a peace officer or park employee specifically designated by the director under ORS 390.050 to investigate observed or reported violations and to issue oral or written warnings or citations to enforce the ocean shore state recreation area rules.
(8) "Habitat Conservation Plan for Western (Coastal) Snowy Plovers" is a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional recovery effort for the Western Snowy Plover. The full text of the "Habitat Conservation Plan for Western (Coastal) Snowy Plovers" is available from the State Parks and Recreation Department.
(9) "Handler" means a person who brings a domestic animal onto the ocean shore state recreation area.
(10) "Holdfast" means the part of a seaweed by which it fastens to the surface on which it grows.
(11) "Marine Protected Area" means any area of the marine environment within Oregon's Territorial Sea that has been reserved by the state to provide lasting protection for part or all of the natural and cultural resources in it. A marine protected area is an area established by the State Land Board and identified in OAR chapter 141, division 142.
(12) "Marine Reserve" is an area within Oregon's Territorial Sea or adjacent rocky intertidal area that is protected from all extractive activities, including the removal or disturbance of living and non-living marine resources, except as necessary for monitoring or research to evaluate reserve condition, effectiveness, or impact of stressors. A marine reserve is an area established by the State Land Board and identified in OAR chapter 141, division 142.
(13) "Motorized vehicle or device" means any self-propelled means moving on wheels, runners, tracks or the like by which a person could travel or carry something, whether or not designed exclusively to transport or typically used on roads. This definition includes but is not limited to a motor vehicle as defined in ORS 825.005(9), motorized bicycles, motor scooters, ATVs, OHVs, recreational vehicles, trailers and other mobile equipment.
(14) "Natural Product" means living and non-living natural products on the ocean shore, including but not limited to marine plants, minerals, shells, rocks, and sand.
(15) "Non-Traditional Park Use" means any organized activity, gathering or use conducted in whole or in part within the boundaries of the ocean shore state recreational area, that is not a recreational use allowed by the posted park regulations or permitted under the provisions of this rule or divisions 10, 15 and 20 and which requires a special use permit under division 16.
(16) "Occupied site" means a department-owned or leased area, a privately or locally-owned area or an area adjacent to federal lands that has at least one nest or nesting attempt as identified by the department at the beginning of each western snowy plover nesting season in accordance with the Habitat Conservation Plan for Western (Coastal) Snowy Plover.
(17) "Ocean shore state recreation area" means the land lying between extreme low tide of the Pacific Ocean and the statutory vegetation line or the line of established upland vegetation, whichever is farther inland, under the jurisdiction of the department that is used by the public for recreational purposes per ORS 390.605(2) and (3).
(18) "Ocean shore resources" means any natural or human-made property, material, product, feature or structure in the ocean shore state recreation area.
(19) "OHV" means Off Highway Vehicle, also called ATV, see definition (1).
(20) "Park Employee" means an employee of the department.
(21) "Park Manager" means the supervisor or designated employee in charge of an ocean shore state recreation area.
(22) "Peace Officer" means a sheriff, constable, marshal, municipal police officer, member of the Oregon State Police, and other persons as may be designated by law.
(23) "Person" includes an individual, a public or private corporation, an unincorporated association, a partnership, a government or a governmental unit, or a non-profit entity.
(24) "Personal Use" means use that is directly by the individual for purposes other than monetary reward and not involving sale, barter, resale, or exchange of money.
(25) "Territorial Sea" as defined in ORS 196.405(5) means the waters and seabed extending three geographical miles seaward from the coastline in conformance with federal law.
(26) "Unoccupied sites" means actively managed department-owned or leased areas, privately or locally-owned areas or areas adjacent to federal lands that have been identified as potential nesting sites for western snowy plovers in concurrence with the Habitat Conservation Plan for Western (Coastal) Snowy Plover.
(27) "Upland" means the land lying shoreward or generally easterly of the ocean shore state recreation area.
(28) "Violate" includes failure to comply.
(29) "Wet sand" means the area seaward of symbolic fencing (roping), signs, or both that are placed on the dry sand area.


Or. Admin. R. 736-021-0030
PR 9-1994, f. 11-29-94, cert. ef. 12-1-94; PRD 1-2013, f. 1-15-13, cert. ef. 2-1-13; PRD 8-2021, minor correction filed 10/28/2021, effective 10/28/2021

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 390.660

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 390.124, 390.635 & 390.660

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