Or. Admin. R. 736-060-0030 - Internal Application Process for Instream Water Right

(1) While only Parks, ODF&W, and DEQ may request instream water rights, requests may be initiated by the Department, by other local, state, or federal agencies, or by the public at large.
(2) All requests and studies shall be submitted to the instream water rights Coordinator, using a typewritten or printed format and including the following information:
(a) A description of the location of recreational use, including a description of the existing flow regime by month following the Oregon Recreation Methodology (OAR 736-060-0015);
(b) A summary of the study participants and a list of authors and their qualifications;
(c) The recreation flow requirement recommendation expressed in cubic feet per second, or, if for standing water body, in feet above mean sea level or in acre feet; and
(d) The date and the signature of the submitting authority, organization, or individual.
(3) The instream water rights Coordinator shall review all studies within a reasonable time for compliance with this rule and Department goals, objectives, and policies. The study may be returned to the initiator for amendment, changes, or additional justification.
(4) If the study is found to be consistent with this rule and Department goals, objectives, and policies, the Coordinator may prepare a draft application. If competing instream recreational uses exist, the Director may choose to apply for only the predominant recreational use or uses. The Director shall maintain a record of the reasons for the decision. The draft application shall contain all the information required by OAR 690-077-0020.
(5) The Coordinator shall notify ODF&W and DEQ of the proposed application. Changes or corrections to the draft application suggested by DEQ and ODF&W shall be reviewed and made if they are determined to be consistent with available information, this rule, Department goals, objectives, policies, and the purposes for the instream water right application.
(6) DEQ, or ODF&W, or both, may incorporate the public uses for which they are responsible into a Department application for instream water rights in accordance with OAR 690-077-0020.
(7) To the greatest extent possible, the final application shall accommodate the requests of ODF&W and DEQ, provided such amendments are consistent with available data, this rule, Department goals, objectives, and policies, and the purposes of the instream water right application. In the event the Department withdraws an application of an instream water right that was proposed by anyone other than the Department, it shall endeavor to notify the party of the reasons for withdrawal.
(8) The final application shall be signed by the Director or the Director's designated representative. If DEQ or ODF&W, or both, are combining their applications for an instream water right with the Department's application, the application must be signed by designated representatives of the respective agencies.
(9) The Coordinator shall notify affected local governments, pursuant to OAR 690-077-0020(4), and, by request, any other interested parties, of the instream water right application.
(10) The Department at any time in the application process, may withdraw an application on which it is the sole signator. If the Department is a co-applicant with ODF&W or DEQ, or both, any party may withdraw its interest in the application.
(11) The priority of instream water right acquisition shall be for streams:
(a) Designated as a State Scenic Waterway, or National Wild and Scenic River;
(b) With significant statewide recreation opportunities;
(c) With recreation opportunities of regional significance;
(d) With potential of being adversely impacted by continued out of stream appropriation; or
(e) Identified as important recreational resources in comprehensive plans or regional economic strategies.
(12) Amendments, whether for greater or lesser flows than those previously granted, will be processed under the standards contained in OAR 690-077-0080 (WRD).


Or. Admin. R. 736-060-0030
PR 5-1991, f. & cert. ef. 5-17-91

Stat. Auth.: ORS 183.335(7), ORS 183.341 & ORS 537.332 - ORS 537.360

Stats. Implemented: ORS 537.338

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