Or. Admin. R. 741-120-0020 - Grade Crossing Construction and Maintenance

(1) At all new or altered grade crossings used by motor vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians, the roadway or multi-use path shall be constructed to conform to or exceed nationally recognized and commonly used construction standards.
(2) The width of the crossing surface, including sidewalks, at the crossing shall be not less than the width of the roadway, and sidewalk, approaches to the crossing.
(3) Unless authorized in writing by the Department, the surface of the roadway shall be in the same plane as the top of rails for a distance of at least two feet outside the rails, and not more than three inches higher nor three inches lower than the top of the nearest rail at a point thirty feet from the rail, measured at right angles thereto.
(4) The surface of each grade crossing shall conform to the plane of the top of the rails and be constructed and maintained in a reasonably smooth condition.
(5) The railroad shall notify the public authority at least four weeks in advance of the date it intends to raise or lower the elevation of one or more tracks at the crossing.
(6) The public authority shall notify the railroad at least four weeks in advance of the date it intends to raise or lower the elevation of its roadway on the roadway approach to the crossing. See Section 8A.08 of the MUTCD.
(7) Upon notification by the Department of a condition that does not conform to the requirements of sections (1) through (5) of this rule, the railroad or the public authority, within 30 days of such notification, unless any party requests a hearing, shall bring its portion of the crossing into compliance with the provisions of this rule, unless a time extension is granted in writing by the Department. See OAR 741-120-0010.
(8) The construction of new driveways within 100 feet of any railroad track at existing grade crossings requires an application for authority to alter a grade crossing under ORS 824.206, except for railroad right-of-way roads.


Or. Admin. R. 741-120-0020
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 184.616, 184.619, 823.011, 824.202, 824.220

Stats. Implemented: ORS 824.212

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