Or. Admin. R. 804-022-0020 - Late Renewal and Reinstatement of Delinquent Registration

(1) A registration is delinquent (lapsed) if the registrant has not completed the requirements for renewal by or before the renewal due date.
(2) A registrant with a delinquent (lapsed) registration is not authorized to practice landscape architecture or use the title Registered Landscape Architect or variations thereof in Oregon.
(3) A registrant with delinquent (lapsed) registration has the following options for obtaining an active registration with the Board:
(a) If registration is not renewed or reinstated within five (5) years of the last renewal due date, then the registration expires. The individual cannot renew an expired registration but can apply for a new registration subject to current Board registration requirements.
(b) If the registrant takes action to renew within five (5) years of the last renewal due date, then the renewal is subject to the requirements of (4) or (5) of this rule based on the date the renewal requirements are fulfilled.
(4) If a registrant fails to renew a registration by the renewal date but completes the renewal requirements within sixty (60) days of the renewal due date, the following apply:
(a) No late fee is required if the renewal is completed not later than thirty (30) days after the renewal date; or
(b) A late fee is required if the renewal is completed more than thirty (30) days but not later than sixty (60) days after the renewal date.
(5) Reinstatement is required if the renewal is completed more than sixty (60) days after the renewal date but within five (5) years of the last renewal due date (i.e., the reinstatement period). Individuals seeking renewal of registration within the reinstatement period must complete the requirements for renewal and the following additional reinstatement requirements:
(a) Submit a written request for reinstatement to the Board explaining why the registration renewal was late;
(b) Submit documentation of continuing education completion as required in OAR 804-025-0015(3) and pass a continuing education audit; and
(c) Pay all fees required by the Board (i.e. renewal fee and late fee for each year registration was delinquent (lapsed)).
(6) The Board delegates to the Board Administrator the authority to renew delinquent (lapsed) registrations per (4) of this rule.
(7) The Board delegates to the Continuing Education Coordinator the authority to approve continuing education audits for purposes of reinstatement of delinquent (lapsed) registrations under (5) of this rule. Documentation of audit completion will be filed in the Board office.
(8) The Board delegates to the Administrator the authority to grant reinstatement of registration under (5) of this rule upon confirmation that all necessary requirements have been met.


Or. Admin. R. 804-022-0020
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 671.415

Stats. Implemented: ORS 671.376

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