Or. Admin. R. 808-002-0480 - Irrigation Systems

"Irrigation systems" as used in ORS 671.520(1)(e):

(1) Includes, but are not limited to, assemblies of station or master valves, piping, sprinklers, nozzles, emitters, filters, or controllers and the positioning and piping of pumps; that are installed for the purpose of watering lawns, trees, shrubs or nursery stock.
(2) If an irrigation system is connected to a water supply that is used for multiple purposes, the irrigation system begins immediately downstream of a backflow device (if required) or any shut-off valve installed at the point of connection in the water supply line separating the irrigation system from the other functions of the water supply.
(3) Irrigation systems do not include systems used to irrigate agricultural products including nursery stock grown for sale or for pastures used for the grazing or raising of animals unless done in conjunction with a landscape job.
(4) For the purpose of this rule, a shut-off valve is any valve installed solely for the purpose of isolating all functions of an irrigation system from the supply source and a station or master valve is a valve installed for the purpose of distributing a controlled amount of water to the other components of the irrigation system.
(5) Installation. For the purposes of ORS 671.520(1)(e), to install irrigation systems includes, but is not limited to:
(a) Trenching;
(b) Installing irrigation pipe or pipe fittings, valves, control wires, sprinkler heads, emitters, nozzles, controllers or other elements of an irrigation system;
(c) Altering an existing irrigation systems; or
(d) Backfilling.
(6) Maintenance requiring licensure: Maintenance of irrigation systems includes, but is not limited to:
(a)The use of compressed air. "Use of compressed air," as used in ORS 671.520(1)(d), means the use of an air compressor or air storage tank to introduce air into an irrigation system to remove water within the system for winter;
(b) Replacing debris screens in nozzles and drip irrigation;
(c) Any project that includes cutting, raising and changing irrigation head grade more than four (4) inches; or
(d) Replacement of irrigation heads.
(7) Repair.
(a) As used in ORS 671.520(1)(e), to "repair" irrigation systems includes, but is not limited to:
(A) Replacing any irrigation water line;
(B) Replacing, cutting, patching, fixing, refurbishing, altering, or renovating any parts of an existing irrigation system, including, but not limited to irrigation pipe or pipe fittings, valves, control wires, sprinkler heads, emitters, nozzles, controllers or other elements of an irrigation system.
(b) The repair of irrigation systems does not include adjusting sprinkler head nozzles to adjust the spray pattern; or programming irrigation controllers.


Or. Admin. R. 808-002-0480
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 183.325 - 183.410, 670.310 & 671.670

Stats. Implemented: ORS 671.520

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