Or. Admin. R. 808-002-0500 - Landscaping Work

"Landscaping Work," as used in ORS 671.530, 671.540, 671.555, 671.595, 671.563, 671.568, 671. 570, 671.660(5), and 671.690, and 671.710, means:

(1) The planning or installing of lawns, shrubs, vines, trees, and nursery stock outdoors including the preparation of property on which the vegetation is to be installed. For the purposes of this rule, "preparation of property" includes, but is not limited to the installation of root penetration prevention materials, the placement of containers and pots that require the use of power equipment to move, the adding and incorporating of soil amendments, importation of topsoil and other planting media, removal of soil, and final grading to the specified aesthetic and drainage needs of a site on which landscaping work is to be performed;
(2) The preparation, installation, and repair of artificial turf installed outdoors, except sports fields. For purposes of this rule:
(a) Sports field means one or more areas of a property that total more than 30,000 square feet of artificial turf and are designated to be used primarily for sport or other athletic activities
(b) "Preparation," for the purpose of this rule, includes, but is not limited to the installation of root penetration prevention materials, base material such as crushed rock, gravel, or decomposed granite, grading to smooth out the base material, compacting the base, laying, cutting, stretching, seaming, and fastening the turf, the addition of a filler, and brushing.
(3) The installation, maintenance or repair of ornamental water feature or landscape drainage systems;
(4) The installation or repair of irrigation systems for lawns, shrubs, vines, trees and nursery stock;
(5) The maintenance of irrigation systems with the use of compressed air;
(6) The preparation of plans and drawings for a landscape irrigation system. "Plans and drawings for a landscape irrigation system" include, but are not limited to plans and drawings that identify the positioning, number, type and model of pumps, piping, valves, sprinklers, nozzles, emitters, filters, controllers and other components for the system. The landscape construction professional may only prepare these plans and drawings if that professional holds a license that authorizes the installation of irrigation systems.
(7) The planning, installation, maintenance, or repair of fences, decks, arbors, patios, landscape edging, driveways, walkway and retaining walls, which can be constructed of, but not limit to, the following materials: sand, gravel, rocks, bricks, concrete, asphalt, wood, wire, plastic, composite decking, fabrics and synthetic turf.
(8) Landscaping work does not include non-landscape related structural work, waterproofing or work with waterproof membranes, flashing, or other work involving the building envelope that is outside the scope of license of a landscape contracting business. Landscaping work does include structural work, waterproofing or work with waterproof membranes, flashing or other work involving the building envelope when the landscape business is contracted to construct a covered patio, a pergola, arbor, or other covered landscaping structure, whether or not attached to an adjacent building envelope. Patio, pergola, arbor, and other covered landscaping structure, roof types may include, but need not be limited to, metal, wood, fabric or plastic rain or shade producing structures, in addition to devices such as awnings.


Or. Admin. R. 808-002-0500
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 183.325 - 183.410, ORS 670.310 & ORS 671.670

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 671.520, ORS 671.530, ORS 671.540, ORS 671.660(5), ORS 671.555, ORS 671.595, ORS 671.563, ORS 671.568, ORS 671.570, ORS 671.690 & ORS 671.710

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