Or. Admin. R. 812-003-0390 - Revocation or Suspension of License

(1) Except as provided in section (2) of this rule, if the agency issues a final order, arbitration award, or determination directing a licensee to pay monetary damages and the licensee or the licensee's surety fails to pay the order, award or determination in full, the agency will revoke, suspend, or refuse to issue or reissue a license.
(2) Section (1) of this rule shall not apply if the licensee submits proof to the agency that:
(a) A United States Bankruptcy Court issued an automatic stay under Title 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code and that stay is currently in force; or
(b) The order, award or determination described in section (1) of this rule arises from a debt that:
(A) Is included in an order of discharge issued by a United States Bankruptcy Court; or
(B) Is included in a chapter 11 plan and order conforming the plan issued by a United States Bankruptcy Court that prohibits the agency from revoking, suspending, or refusing to issue or reissue the licensee's contractor's license and the licensee is in compliance with the terms of the plan and order.
(3) The agency shall revoke, suspend, or refuse to issue or reissue a license under section (1) of this rule if:
(a) The agency previously was prevented from revoking or suspending a license or was required to issue or reissue a license under section (2) of this rule; and
(b) The licensee's bankruptcy discharge is revoked or the bankruptcy stay is lifted.


Or. Admin. R. 812-003-0390
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 183.310 - 183.545, 670.310, 701.235 & 701.280

Stats. Implemented: ORS 701.098

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