Or. Admin. R. 818-042-0040 - Prohibited Acts

No licensee may authorize any dental assistant to perform the following acts:

(1) Diagnose or plan treatment.
(2) Cut hard or soft tissue.
(3) Any Expanded Function duty (OAR 818-042-0070 and OAR 818-042-0090) or Expanded Orthodontic Function duty (OAR 818-042-0100) or Restorative Functions (OAR 818-042-0095 or Expanded Preventive Duty OAR 818-042-0113 and OAR 818-042-0114 or Expanded Function Anesthesia (OAR 818-042-0115) without holding the appropriate certification.
(4) Correct or attempt to correct the malposition or malocclusion of teeth except as provided by OAR 818-042-0100.
(5) Adjust or attempt to adjust any orthodontic wire, fixed or removable appliance or other structure while it is in the patient's mouth.
(6) Administer any drug except fluoride, topical anesthetic, desensitizing agents, over the counter medications per package instructions or drugs administered pursuant to OAR 818-026-0050(5)(a), OAR 818-026-0060(11), OAR 818-026-0065(11), OAR 818-026-0070(11) and as provided in OAR 818-042-0070, OAR 818-042-0090 and OAR 818-042-0115.
(7) Prescribe any drug.
(8) Place periodontal packs.
(9) Start nitrous oxide.
(10) Remove stains or deposits except as provided in OAR 818-042-0070.
(11) Use ultrasonic equipment intra-orally except as provided in OAR 818-042-0100.
(12) Use a high-speed handpiece or any device that is operated by a high-speed handpiece intra-orally except as provided in OAR 818-042-0095, and only for the purpose of adjusting occlusion, contouring, and polishing restorations on the tooth or teeth that are being restored.
(13) Use lasers, except laser-curing lights.
(14) Use air abrasion or air polishing.
(15) Remove teeth or parts of tooth structure.
(16) Cement or bond any fixed prosthesis or orthodontic appliance including bands, brackets, retainers, tooth moving devices, or orthopedic appliances except as provided in OAR 818-042-0100.
(17) Condense and carve permanent restorative material except as provided in OAR 818-042-0095.
(18) Place any type of retraction material subgingivally except as provided in OAR 818-042-0090.
(19) Apply denture relines except as provided in OAR 818-042-0090(2).
(20) Expose radiographs without holding a current Certificate of Radiologic Proficiency issued by the Board (OAR 818-042-0050 and OAR 818-042-0060) except while taking a course of instruction approved by the Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Public Health Division, Office of Environmental Public Health, Radiation Protection Services, or the Oregon Board of Dentistry.
(21) Use the behavior management techniques known as Hand Over Mouth (HOM) or Hand Over Mouth Airway Restriction (HOMAR) on any patient.
(22) Perform periodontal probing.
(23) Place or remove healing caps or healing abutments, except under direct supervision.
(24) Place implant impression copings, except under direct supervision.
(25) Any act in violation of Board statute or rules.


Or. Admin. R. 818-042-0040
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 680 & ORS 679

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 679.020, 679.025 & 679.250

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