Or. Admin. R. 830-020-0040 - License, Certificate and Registration Fees

(1) Initial application fees:
(a) Funeral establishment, immediate disposition company, crematory, alternative disposition facility or a cemetery that performs more than ten interments annually - $150 (includes first principal) plus $50 for each additional principal;
(b) Cemetery that performs ten or fewer interments annually - an initial fee of $100 and a fee not to exceed $50 for registration of all principals regardless of the total number of principals
(c) Change of principal - $50 per licensed facility;
(d) Trainee (Apprentice) funeral service practitioner or trainee (apprentice) embalmer - $50;
(e) Reciprocal funeral service practitioner or reciprocal embalmer - $160;
(f) Intern Trainee (Apprentice) - $25;
(g) Preneed Salesperson - $150;
(h) Certificate of Removal Registration - $30;
(i) Funeral Service Practitioner - $80 per year;
(j) Embalmer - $80 per year;
(k) Death Care Consultant - $80 per year.
(2) Renewal application fees:
(a) Funeral establishment or immediate disposition company - $350 per year, payable biennially;
(b) Crematory or Alternative Disposition Facility - $100 per year plus $2 per disposition performed during the two calendar years preceding the year in which the current license expires, payable biennially;
(c) Cemetery - $4 per interment performed during the two calendar years preceding the year in which the current license expires up to a maximum of 150 interments or $600 per year, payable biennially; (Cemeteries with ten or fewer interments annually are not required to pay a renewal fee in accordance with ORS 692.275.)
(d) Funeral service practitioner - $80 per year, payable biennially;
(e) Embalmer - $80 per year, payable biennially;
(f) Combination funeral service practitioner/embalmer - $160 per year, payable biennially;
(g) Trainee (Apprentice) funeral service practitioner - $25 per year, payable annually;
(h) Trainee (Apprentice) embalmer - $25 per year, payable annually;
(i) Preneed salesperson - $25 per year, payable biennially;
(j) Death care consultant - $80 per year, payable biennially.
(3) Exam fees:
(a) Funeral service practitioner exam - $100;
(b) Embalmer exam (written or practical) - $130 to $400 (depending on the cost to the Board).
(c) Death care consultant exam - $100.
(4) License, certificate and registration reissue fees:
(a) Transfer of apprenticeship, replacement license, name change or manager change - $25;
(b) Licensed facility location change - $250.
(5) Reinstatement of lapsed license, certificate or registration - $50 each.
(6) Funeral service practitioners, embalmers, and preneed salespersons must renew their licenses on even numbered years. Facilities must renew on odd numbered years.
(7) Fees paid under this section are not refundable or transferable.
(8) Notwithstanding the above, a registrant for the funeral service practitioner examination may notify the Board in writing that he or she is withdrawing the application for the examination and request a refund of the examination fee at any time before the date of the examination. Examination fee refunds will be refunded to the person that paid the examination fee to the board; fees paid by credit card will be refunded to the credit card holder, fees paid by money order or cashier's check will be refunded to the applicant.


Or. Admin. R. 830-020-0040
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 692.160, 692.320, 97.931 & 2015 HB 2471

Stats. Implemented: ORS 692.160, 97.931 & 2015 HB 2471

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