Or. Admin. R. 845-013-0050 - Point of Sale Advertising Materials and Consumer Take-Aways, ORS 471.398(4)

(1) A supplier (manufacturer, wholesaler, or its agents), may provide point of sale materials and consumer take-aways to a retailer provided that the conditions prescribed in section (3) of this rule are met. Suppliers may provide point of sale material only for display at the retailer's premises. No minimum purchase may be required of a retailer in order to have an item at their premises.
(2) Definitions. For this rule:
(a) Point of sale advertising materials are items designed to be used at a retail establishment to attract consumer attention to a supplier's products. Such materials include window decorations, posters, placards, trays, coasters, mats, menu cards, meal checks, paper napkins, foam scrapers, back bar mats, calendars, alcohol beverage lists or menus, display mirrors, table tents, chalk boards, thermometers, and similar items of like value. Also allowed are signs (neon, electrical, mechanical, inflatable or otherwise). Point of sale items do not include fixtures, furniture or furnishings as prohibited by ORS 471.398(3) and OAR 845-013-0030.
(b) Consumer take-aways are items intended for use by the retailer's customers off the premises that provide information to the retailer's customers but do not promote the retailer's business. Only items made of paper or other similar inexpensive material are allowed to be given to the retailer and such informational items include recipes, sports and entertainment event schedules, and informational pamphlets.
(3) Conditions and limitations.
(a) All point of sale advertising materials and consumer take-aways must bear conspicuous and substantial advertising matter about the product or the supplier that is permanently inscribed or securely affixed. The name and address of the retailer may appear on the point of sale advertising materials only.
(b) The supplier may not directly or indirectly pay or credit the retailer for using or distributing these items or for any expense incidental to their use.
(c) The Commission prohibits any advertising that contains material so appealing to minors that it encourages them to purchase, possess, or drink alcoholic beverages (OAR 845-007-0020(1)(e)).
(d) Items that predominantly advertise the supplier's alcoholic beverage products but also advertise a generic food product are allowed. This subsection does not prohibit cross-promotions of the supplier's alcoholic beverage product with a specific food product or brand when the food product producer is not a retail licensee; the food product producer pays at least half the cost of the cross-promotion; and any retailer who receives the item pays none of the costs. For example, a cheese manufacturer and a wine manufacturer jointly produce a poster to promote their products. As long as the cheese manufacturer is not a retail licensee, the cheese manufacturer pays at least half the costs and the retail licensee pays none of the costs, the Commission treats the poster as an alcoholic beverage/generic food product item;
(e) Items that predominantly advertise the supplier's alcoholic beverage products but also have generic words or symbols for activities the supplier wants to associate with his/her alcoholic beverage products are allowed. Exterior material may, however, have only generic symbols relating to activities, not words.
(f) Beer, wine and distilled spirits lists. Despite OAR 845-013-0001(3)(b)(A) that limits items of nominal value to the supplier's products, the list may include any malt beverage, wine or distilled spirit the retailer sells. Despite 845-013-0001(3)(d) that prohibits customization, the supplier may add generic food references to the list. For example, the list may indicate that a particular alcoholic beverage goes well with chicken but may not refer to a chicken dish on the retailer's menu.
(g) Exterior point of sale material given or loaned under this rule must not exceed 2160 square inches. This means that inflatables or any point of sale material cannot be displayed in a retailer's parking lots or other outside areas if the material exceeds 2160 square inches.
(4) A violation of any section of this rule is a Category III violation.


Or. Admin. R. 845-013-0050
OLCC 8-1987, f. 31-3-87, ef. 4-1-87; OLCC 7-1992, f. & cert. ef. 7-1-92; Renumbered from 845-010-0124; OLCC 5-2009, f. 4-21-09, cert. ef. 5-1-09; OLCC 4-2011, f. 4-25-11, cert. ef. 5-1-11

Stat. Auth.: ORS 471, including 471.030, 471.730(1) & (5)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 471.398(4)

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