Or. Admin. R. 845-015-0205 - Satellite Liquor Stores

(1) Satellite Liquor Stores are non-exclusive retail liquor stores located in smaller communities where there is a fluctuating, seasonal demand for an additional small outlet due to tourism or other similar factors.
(2) A Satellite Retail Sales Agent is an agent who currently operates a retail liquor store (the Primary Liquor Store) in proximity to the community where a Satellite Liquor Store is located and who is appointed to operate the Satellite Liquor Store.
(3) Factors Considered when Siting Satellite Liquor Stores. The Commission will consider the following factors in determining the locations of Satellite Liquor Stores:
(a) Population fluctuations, changes in consumer traffic patterns, and/or increased demand within a community during seasonal or peak periods due to tourism or other similar factors;
(b) Distance of the proposed Satellite Liquor Store from existing liquor store(s);
(c) Community proximity of the proposed Satellite Liquor Store to the Primary Liquor Store;
(d) Sales volume of the Satellite Retail Sales Agent's Primary Liquor Store;
(e) Anticipated ability of the Satellite Liquor Store to accommodate seasonal, fluctuating demand (through operating days/hours, product mix, etc);
(f) Size of Satellite Liquor Store, including retail floor space and storage space. A Satellite Liquor Store may carry no more than 70 percent of the products carried in the Primary Liquor Store, as measured by SKUs;
(g) The ability of the Satellite Retail Sales Agent to negotiate acceptable terms for the Satellite Liquor Store location.
(4) All statutes and administrative rules governing retail sales agents will apply to a Satellite Liquor Store, with the following exceptions:
(a) OAR 845-015-0110 (1)(d) Establishment of a Retail Liquor Store;
(b) OAR 845-015-0120 Retail Sales Agent Selection Procedure;
(c) OAR 845-015-0140 Hours and Days of Operation;
(d) OAR 845-015-0190 Resignation Buy-Out Program for Retail Liquor Agents does not apply if a Satellite Liquor Store Agent ceases to operate the Satellite Liquor Store but continues to operate the Primary Liquor Store. However, if the agent resigns from both the Primary Liquor Store and the Satellite Liquor Store, the buy-out shall apply to both stores.
(5) The Retail Operations Manual, including any Satellite Liquor Store Appendix, and all other relevant Commission policies will apply to a Satellite Liquor Store unless otherwise provided in the Retail Sales Agent Agreement.
(6) Satellite Retail Sales Agents will promptly provide the Commission with any and all data related to the operation of the Satellite Liquor Store as specified in the Retail Sales Agent Agreement and the Retail Operations Manual.


Or. Admin. R. 845-015-0205
OLCC 6-2013, f. 8-26-13, cert. ef. 9-1-13

Stat. Auth.: ORS 471, 471.030, 471.040 & 471.730(1) & (5)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 471.750

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