Or. Admin. R. 851-021-0015 - Periodic Evaluation of Nursing Education Programs

The Board representative may require reports or conduct a survey or site visit for any one of the following reasons:

(1) The nursing program requests a survey or site visit.
(2) The Board may require survey or site visits or interim progress reports at any time to determine if the minimum standards for nursing programs are being met. These situations may include, but are not limited to the following:
(a) Reports relating to identified violations of OAR 851-021.
(b) Potential violations of OAR 851-021.
(c) Denial, withdrawal or change of nursing program or educational institution accreditation status.
(d) Providing false or misleading information to Board representative, applicants, students, accreditors, or the public concerning the nursing program.
(e) Inability to secure or retain a qualified nurse administrator, resulting in substandard supervision and instruction of students.
(f) Failure to achieve NCLEX® pass rate standards per OAR 851-021-0018.
(g) Evidence of non-compliance with remediation plan by programs with deficiencies or violations.
(3) Survey Visits to Determine Continued Approval:
(a) All nursing education programs without national nursing accreditation are required to demonstrate continuing compliance with OAR 851-021 a minimum of every eight years for continued approval
(b) Programs that have received national nursing accreditation may be surveyed in conjunction with the national nursing accreditation body.
(c) The survey visit must be made by a representative of the Board on dates mutually acceptable to the Board representative and the program.
(d) A program must submit a narrative self-evaluation report that provides evidence of compliance with OAR 851-021 one month prior to the scheduled survey visit.
(e) During the survey visit the Board representative will review and analyze various sources that validate compliance.
(f) Nursing programs must be evaluated by use of a rubric to guide approval. The Board determines the approval length of time.
(g) Program evaluations based on OAR 851-021-0040 through OAR 851-021-0070 are deemed "met", "partially met" or "not met" with narrative explanation for any standard that is partially met or not met.
(A) Expectations in the summary of the report are intended as action items for the nursing program and educational institution. Expectations are intended to be corrected and implemented within a timeframe set by the Board representative and approved by the Board.
(B) Failure to address previously identified areas deemed "partially met" or "not met" may result in identification of a deficiency.
(C) If the Board determines that a deficiency exists, the nurse administrator and educational institution administration shall receive a report specifying the deficiency and prescribing the timeframe within which the deficiency must be corrected.
(D) Failure to address previously identified survey deficiencies in the time prescribed by the Board may result in withdrawal of program approval.
(h) Continuing approval will be granted upon the Board's verification that the program is in compliance with OAR 851-021 and has the continued support of the educational institution to maintain compliance.
(i) The Board representative may share a preliminary summary report with the program at the end of the survey with the understanding that the report is not final until final modification or approval by the Board.
(j) A draft of the survey visit report may be made available to the program for review and corrections in factual data before review by the Board.
(k) The nurse administrator or designee of the program may be invited to be present during the presentation of the survey visit report to the Board.
(l) Following the Board's review and decision, written notification regarding approval of the program, or notice of standards requiring a follow-up report within a specified timeframe must be sent by the Board representative to the administrator of the nursing education program within 30 business days.
(m) An approved nursing program that becomes accredited by a national nursing accreditation body between Board survey visits, may have the next scheduled Board survey visit adjusted to provide for alignment with the accreditation review cycle.


Or. Admin. R. 851-021-0015
NER 37, f. & ef. 7-18-77; NB 1-1990, f. & cert. ef. 4-2-90; Renumbered from 851-020-0032; NB 4-1996, f. & cert. ef. 9-3-96; BN 1-2001, f. & cert. ef. 2-21-01; BN 3-2008, f. &cert. ef. 6-24-08; BN 7-2020, amend filed 12/11/2020, effective 1/1/2021; BN 12-2022, amend filed 07/28/2022, effective 8/1/2022

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 678.340 & ORS 678.360

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 678.360

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