Or. Admin. R. 851-021-0025 - Reports and Approvals

(1) Program Changes Requiring Reports to the Board: The program must notify the Board representative in writing within 15 days of development of the following circumstances:
(a) Change in the nurse administrator must be accompanied by a request for approval of an interim or replacement as established in OAR 851-021.
(b) Change of administrative control within the educational institution with the rationale for the change and anticipated impact on the nursing program.
(c) Plans to move the entire program to a new location within the current geographic region:
(A) The program must notify the Board representative in writing of the following:
(i) Address of the new location;
(ii) Rationale for moving the nursing program;
(iii) Anticipated date of completed move; and,
(iv) Anticipated impact on curriculum delivery, other nursing programs, nursing practice experience partners, students and faculty.
(B) The Board representative may complete a survey visit to confirm compliance with OAR 851-021.
(d) Changes in availability of adequate nursing practice experiences for the program that results in alteration of student progression;
(e) Plans to increase or decrease the number of applicants admitted to the program by 8 or more students;
(f) Plans to increase the number of clinical groups in a geographic region;
(g) Change in accreditation status of the nursing program or the educational institution; and,
(h) Reductions in the financial support for the program that impact curriculum delivery, student progression or program operations.
(2) Program Changes Requiring Board Approval:
(a) Change of Administrative Control:
(A) When control of a nursing education program is transferred from one educational institution to another, a report must be submitted to the Board by the receiving institution containing the following information:
(i) Rationale for change;
(ii) Anticipated effects on students, faculty and resources;
(iii) Administrative and organizational plans, including a sound operational budget;
(iv) Plans for the orderly transition of the program; and,
(v) Application for new program as delineated in OAR 851-021-0010 unless this requirement is waived by the Board.
(B) The educational institution relinquishing the program must notify the Board in writing of the intent to transfer the program and must submit to the Board the information requested of programs undergoing voluntary termination (OAR 851-021-0035(1).
(b) Major Curriculum Change:
(A) When a nursing program anticipates a major curriculum change in courses required for the nursing program, such change must be submitted to the Board for approval at a minimum of six months prior to offering the first nursing course under the new curriculum.
(B) A major curriculum change includes, but is not limited to:
(i) A revision of the length of the program;
(ii) An addition, deletion or revision of the program outcomes;
(iii) Initial implementation of simulation modality for nursing practice experience learning hours;
(iv) Any revision of the curriculum of a program that affects the ability of the program to comply with the requirements of the curriculum as established in OAR 851-021-0050;
(v) Substantive change in educational modality for program delivery; and
(vi) New educational track at the same level in an established program.
(C) The following materials must be submitted with the request for curriculum changes:
(i) Rationale for proposed changes including the anticipated effect on faculty, students, resources and facilities;
(ii) Presentation of the differences between the current curriculum and the proposed curriculum;
(iii) A timetable for implementation of change; and,
(iv) Methods of evaluation that will be used to determine the effects of the change.
(c) Addition of an extended campus site, or moving the program to a new location outside of the current geographic region or addition of distance education technology:
(A) The program must submit to the Board a letter of intent to make changes a minimum of six months prior to the planned implementation.
(B) The letter of intent must include, at minimum, the following information:
(i) Plan for qualified faculty for the program at the extended or new site or with addition of distance education technology;
(ii) Description of available and proposed education facilities and delivery modalities, services and resources with dates of availability;
(iii) Availability of adequate nursing practice experience practice sites and provisions for faculty supervision of experiences;
(iv) Plans for informing potential students of expected transportation and distance requirements for nursing practice experiences; and,
(v) Tentative time schedule for planning, initiating, and evaluating the program.
(C) The Board may deem the addition of an extended campus site, a new location or distance nursing education option as the equivalent of a new program and require application under OAR 851-021-0010.
(d) Plans for an increase or decrease in the capacity of the educational institutions physical facilities, human, technologic, and fiscal resources, or nursing practice experience sites. The plan must be submitted to the Board representative for approval six months prior to the beginning of the student enrollment change in a report containing the following:
(A) Rationale for increase or decrease.
(B) An analysis of potential impact on other nursing programs and communities within the geographic region including:
(i) Projected number of faculty positions and availability of qualified faculty in the area proposed for nursing practice experience placements;
(ii) An analysis of the available nursing practice experience sites for the program, including the types of placement organizations expected to provide for the increase in student enrollment showing facility size, average patient numbers, number of other programs hosted, and potential available placements;
(iii) Plans for informing potential students of expected transportation and distance requirements for nursing practice experiences; or,
(iv) Evidence of meeting with the Nurse Administrator of currently approved nursing programs within the geographic region of planned nursing practice experience placements to discuss the impact of an enrollment increase.
(C) Anticipated effects on students, faculty, and nursing practice experience resources.
(D) Administrative and organizational plans, including an operational budget to support increased enrollment; and,
(E) Within one year following the start of the planned change in student enrollment, the program must submit a report to the Board, addressing the following:
(i) Impact on nursing practice experience sites;
(ii) Impact on nursing practice experience faculty;
(iii) Student attrition rate; and
(iv) Summary of findings from evaluation of the increase or decrease.
(e) The following program appointments require approval by the Board representative before the applicant assumes the program assignment:
(A) Nurse Administrator or Interim Nurse Administrator;
(B) Any appointment by exception; and,
(C) Non-nurse faculty teaching within the nursing curriculum or other required courses embedded with nursing outcomes.
(3) Annual Reports:
(a) Program information must be submitted to the Board representative or designee annually on a form approved by the Board.
(b) The annual report must include information to confirm continued compliance with OAR 851-021.
(c) A list of all current Nurse Educators and Nurse Educator Associates, including all nursing practice experience faculty, must be submitted with the annual report and upon request of the Board representative. The list must include academic degrees, areas of nursing expertise, years of experience and full-time or part-time status.
(4) General Guidelines for Reports:
(a) The Board reviews required submitted reports during posted public meeting dates; and,
(b) Materials to be reviewed at public Board meetings as described above, must be in the Board office and accessible to the Board representative or designee by the posted filing date for interested parties.


Or. Admin. R. 851-021-0025
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 678.150

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 678.150

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