Or. Admin. R. 851-021-0090 - Standards for Out-of-State Student Clinical Experience in Oregon

(1) All out-of-state nursing programs seeking to place one or more students in Oregon for a nursing practice experience must submit an initial letter of intent as per OAR 851-021-0010 and the required Oregon State Board of Nursing petition. Board representative approval must be obtained prior to student placements in the nursing practice experience site.
(a) The initial and annual petition must include:
(A) Justification or rationale for use of Oregon facilities including description of nursing practice experience sites and planned duration of cohort placements;
(B) The estimated number of students to be placed in an Oregon nursing practice experience site each term;
(C) Attestation of affiliation agreement with clinical site;
(D) Documentation of home Board approval including time frame and any recommendations which are outstanding;
(E) Evidence of educational institution accreditation by a regional accreditation body or national agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.
(F) Analysis of current usage of planned nursing practice experience sites in areas where student placements are planned;
(G) Evidence of interactions with the Nurse Administrators of currently approved nursing programs in area of planned nursing practice experience placements to discuss the impact on those nursing programs;
(H) Evidence of availability of faculty in areas where nursing practice experience placements are planned, including providing meaningful presence as established in OAR 851-021-0045 (13)(d)(e), (14)(C), (15)(c).
(I) Name and credentials of a contact person within the Oregon nursing practice experience facility;
(J) NCLEX® pass rate, number of candidates and number passing for the past two years ending on the most recent December 31st.
(K) An out-of-state Nursing Program seeking to increase the approved number of student cohorts must submit a revised petition prior to making the change and obtain approval from the Board representative prior to placement of additional students. The revised petition must include the following:
(i) Updates to the information required for initial application as established in subsection (5)(a) above, or attestation that the information has not changed; and,
(ii) A written agreement with the Oregon nursing practice experience facility that additional students from the out-of-state nursing program will not adversely impact current Oregon Nursing Program placements.
(b) The Board representative may request evidence from the nursing program of the following, including but not limited to:
(A) A written agreement with the Oregon nursing practice experience facility;
(B) Learning objectives to guide the student experience;
(C) Specific policies regarding patient and student safety such as error reporting, and frequency of faculty visitation;
(D) Expectations of the provision of meaningful presence by faculty providing oversight;
(E) Criteria for selection of Clinical Preceptor; and,
(F) Other information as needed.
(2) The Board representative or designee, after timely review and consideration of the request and required information, may grant, or deny the request, or bring it to the full Board for a decision.
(3) All requests for precepted, final clinical practicum and student cohort placements must include evidence that the responsible faculty member is licensed in Oregon appropriate to the level of the program and provides meaningful presence as established in OAR 851-021-0045 (13)(d)(e), (14)(C), (15)(c).
(4) For precepted, final nursing practice experiences, student names and other information required by the Board must be submitted for approval prior to the start of the learning experience.
(5) Nursing programs with faculty and facilities located in Oregon and approved by another state:
(a) The program must meet the OAR 851-021 for Oregon-based nursing programs.
(b) In addition, the program must:
(A) Report any change in approval/accreditation status within 30 days of such change;
(B) Report plans for a significant increase in planned enrollment that may impact geographic region practice sites including plans for provision of nursing practice experience placement for an additional student or students;
(C) Submit to the Board representative, a copy of any progress reports required by the home board;
(D) Submit the annual NCLEX® pass rate, number of candidates and number of candidates passing for the previous calendar year ending December 31; and,
(E) Demonstrate attainment of OSBN standards for approval through OSBN participation in the regular survey visit conducted by the home board and/or nursing specialty accreditation organization.
(6) The Board may conduct a complete survey of the program of nursing to determine its eligibility for approval at any time or may accept all or part of the survey and findings on approval from the home Board or nursing specialty accreditation organization.


Or. Admin. R. 851-021-0090
BN 7-1998, f. & cert. ef. 7-16-98; BN 1-2001, f. & cert. ef. 2-21-01; BN 3-2008, f. & cert. ef. 6-24-08; BN 17-2010, f. & cert. ef. 11-29-10; BN 7-2020, amend filed 12/11/2020, effective 1/1/2021; BN 12-2022, amend filed 07/28/2022, effective 8/1/2022

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 678.031, ORS 678.150, ORS 678.340 & ORS 678.360

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 678.031, ORS 678.150, ORS 678.340 & ORS 678.360

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