Or. Admin. R. 851-051-0030 - Approval of a New Oregon Based APRN Educational Program

Any university or college wishing to establish an APRN education program that prepares students for APRN licensure must submit a letter of intent and application to the Board at least one year before proposed enrollment of students.

(1) The following information must be included with the initial letter of intent along with supporting documentation:
(a) Purpose for establishing the nursing education program;
(b) State needs and studies made as the basis for establishing a nursing education program;
(c) Type of program including clear identification of proposed licensure role, degree awarded and population foci for graduates;
(d) Accreditation status, relationship of educational program to parent institution;
(e) Financial provision for the educational program;
(f) Potential student enrollment;
(g) Provision for qualified faculty;
(h) Proposed program physical facilities;
(i) Proposed time schedule for initiating the program. If initial approval is denied, the applicant may request a hearing before the Board and the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act must apply.
(j) Exit level for an APRN program must be a Board-approved clinical nursing doctorate for:
(A) CNS programs: by January 1, 2031
(B) NP programs: by January 1, 2025
(C) CRNA programs: by January 1, 2025
(k) The Board, after timely review and consideration of the information contained in the letter of intent and any supplementary information, must either grant or deny permission to begin development of a program, including rationale for the decision in the notification to the program.
(l) The Board must provide notice to the nurse administrator and academic administrator of all existing Oregon APRN programs within 30 days of development approval. The existing programs must submit information to the Board regarding the impact of the proposed program to their programs within 30 days of receipt of Board notification.
(m) If the Board denies permission to begin development of the program, the program may submit a revised letter of intent and application no earlier than six months from previous submission.
(n) If the Board denies program development based upon the revised documents, a hearing may be requested, and the provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act apply.
(o) If the program receives initial approval and is authorized to begin the developmental plan, the plan must be submitted within 12 months of the approval date or the initial plan approval will expire. At that point, the program must restart the process beginning with submitting the letter of intent.
(2) After receipt of development approval, the program must submit the following for review by the Board:
(a) Copy of the notification from the Board of approval to proceed.
(b) Verification of accreditation from all accrediting agencies within 30 days of receipt by the program;
(c) Submit curricula, self-evaluation reports, interim reports or notice of accreditation reports as required by the Board.
(3) After timely review of all documents and the program has provided evidence of compliance with these rules, the Board will determine if initial approval of the program is granted. The Board must consider full program approval:
(a) After graduation of the first cohort of students; and
(b) Within six months of first cohort graduation submission of a self- study report addressing the program compliance with the standards of these rules; and
(c) On site survey of the program by Board staff.
(4) If full approval is denied, the program may request a hearing and the Administrative Hearing Procedures Act applies.


Or. Admin. R. 851-051-0030
BN 11-2021, adopt filed 06/24/2021, effective 7/1/2021

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 678.150, ORS 678.285, ORS 678.372 & ORS 678.380

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 678.150, ORS 678.285, ORS 678.372 & ORS 678.380

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