Or. Admin. R. 860-021-0008 - Definitions for Regulation of Utility Services

(1) "Applicant" means a person who:
(a) Applies for service with an energy or large telecommunications utility;
(b) Reapplies for service at a new or existing location after service has been discontinued; or
(c) Has not satisfied the requirements of OAR 860-021-0205 or 860-021-0335(2) within the required time period, if either rule is applicable.
(2) "Co-customer" means a person who meets the definition of "customer" and is jointly responsible with another person for utility service payments on an account with the energy or large telecommunications utility. If only one co-customer discontinues service in their name, the remaining co-customer shall only retain customer status if they reapply for service in their own name within 20 days of such discontinuance, provided the energy or large telecommunications utility contacts the remaining co-customer or sends the remaining co-customer a written request for an application within one business day of the discontinuance.
(3) "Customer" means a person who has applied for, been accepted, and is currently receiving service. Notwithstanding section (1) of this rule, a customer who voluntarily disconnects service and later requests service with the same utility at a new or existing location within 20 days after disconnection retains customer status.
(4) "Energy utility" has the meaning given to a public utility in ORS 757.005, except water and wastewater. An energy utility can be an "electric company," "gas utility," or "steam heat utility."
(5) "Large telecommunications utility" means any telecommunications utility, as defined in ORS 759.005, that is not partially exempt from regulation under ORS 759.040.
(6) "Local exchange service" has the meaning given to "local exchange telecommunications service" in ORS 759.005(1)(c).
(7) "Low-income residential customer" means a customer or applicant whose eligibility has been verified under OAR 860-021-0180.
(8) "OTAP" has the meaning given to "Oregon Telephone Assistance Program" in OAR Chapter 860, Division 033.
(9) "Registered dispute" means an unresolved issue between a customer or applicant and an energy or large telecommunications utility that is under investigation by the Commission's Consumer Services Section but is not the subject of a formal complaint.
(10) "Regulated charges" means charges for services delivered in Oregon and subject to the jurisdiction and approval of the Commission.
(11) "Utility" means all large telecommunications and energy utilities, as defined in sections (4) and (5) of this rule, except when a more limited scope is explicitly stated.


Or. Admin. R. 860-021-0008
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 183, ORS 756, ORS 757 & ORS 759

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 756.010, ORS 757.005, ORS 759.005 & ORS 757.230

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