Or. Admin. R. 860-021-0010 - Information for Utility Customers and Applicants

(1) Each energy utility and large telecommunications utility shall, upon request, furnish each customer and applicant with such information as is reasonable to permit the customer to secure efficient service and select appliances properly adapted to their service needs. Gas utilities shall, upon request, inspect and adjust customer-owned appliances and facilities for safe and efficient operation.
(2) Each energy utility or large telecommunications utility providing metered service shall, upon request, inform its customers and applicants how to read meters, either in writing or by explanation at the utility's offices, where applicable.
(3) Each energy utility or large telecommunications utility shall keep on file and open for public inspection at its offices, where applicable, complete rate schedules, contract forms, rules and regulations of the utility, and a copy of the Commission's rules and regulations.
(4) Each energy utility or large telecommunications utility shall supply, upon request, a copy of the tariffs applicable to the type or types of service furnished to the customer by the utility.
(5) Upon application for new service, or upon later request, the energy or large telecommunications utility shall assist the customer or applicant in selecting the most advantageous rate to meet individual service requirements. The customer or applicant shall be responsible for making the final selection of a rate schedule.
(6) When service is initiated and not less than once each year thereafter, every energy or large telecommunications utility shall give its residential customers a written summary of their rights and responsibilities, as they relate to the utility providing service. If service is initiated without a personal visit between the energy or large telecommunications utility and the customer, the utility shall provide the summary to the customer no later than when the first bill statement is sent. Large telecommunications utilities satisfy the annual notification requirement by prominent publication of the information in a telephone directory. The summary shall include the text of a summary reviewed and approved by the Commission's Consumer Services Section and describe:
(a) The customer's option to designate a third party to receive bills and notices and the availability of notices in languages other than English;
(b) Applicable financial assistance programs, such as the Energy Assistance Fund for gas utilities and electric companies and Link-Up America for telecommunications utilities;
(c) The availability of medical certificates;
(d) Special payment options such as equal-payment plans. Late-payment charges, if any, shall be explained, along with the availability of any preferred billing date option;
(e) Procedures for conflict resolution, including how to register a dispute with the energy or large telecommunications utility and with the Commission and the toll-free number of the Commission's Consumer Services Section;
(f) Listings of customer organizations that participate in Commission proceedings, including addresses and telephone numbers, may be requested from the Commission's Consumer Services Section; and
(g) The Commission's telephone solicitation rules (telecommunications utilities only) as set forth in OAR 860-021-0610.
(7) When service is initiated, the energy or large telecommunications utility shall inquire whether the customer would like to receive notices in a language other than English and will inform the customer of the type of notices and translations currently available. If the language chosen is not available, the energy or large telecommunications utility will tell the customer the translated version does not yet exist but the customer's interest will be recorded for the Commission. Each energy or large telecommunications utility shall report to the Commission the number of requests for notices and summaries in non-English languages. The reports shall specify the number of requests for each language.
(8) Each energy or large telecommunications utility shall post notices approved by the Commission in a conspicuous place in each utility office, where applicable, where credit matters are transacted, setting forth the rights and responsibilities of customers under these rules. The notices shall be printed in large boldface type and shall be written in language that is easy to understand.
(9) An energy utility may request that an applicant provide demographic information when applying for service, including race, ethnicity, age and gender. A utility that collects such data must store the data in a manner that does not permit the identification of the applicant or customer with the collected demographic data. An energy utility shall not sell this data to afftliates or third-party entities.


Or. Admin. R. 860-021-0010
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 183, ORS 756, ORS 757 & ORS 759

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 756.040

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