Or. Admin. R. 860-021-0334 - Transfer Billings

(1) If an energy or large telecommunications utility identifies a balance a customer owes the utility from the customer's prior account for Oregon service, the utility may transfer the amount to the customer's current account after giving the customer notice of the transfer, the amount due under the prior account, the period when the balance was incurred, and the service address or telephone number under which the bill was incurred; or the utility may send a separate notice to the customer giving the same information that would be included in the transfer, but collecting the amount due separately from the customer's current account. If the bill is identified when a customer changes residences, the provisions of this rule apply. An energy or large telecommunications utility may pursue disconnection for nonpayment of a customer's current utility service only in compliance with OAR 860-021-0405 or OAR 860-021-0505.
(2) If the customer has six months or more remaining on a time-payment agreement, the installment amount will be adjusted to bring the account into balance within the time specified in the original agreement. If the customer has less than six months remaining on a time-payment agreement, the energy or large telecommunications utility will recalculate the agreement to bring the account into balance within 12 months. The customer must pay any past due time-payment installments before the energy or large telecommunications utility adjusts or recalculates the agreement. Energy and large telecommunications utilities may make more liberal payment arrangements for customers on medical certificates who cannot reasonably be expected to pay the outstanding balance in the time otherwise applicable under this rule.


Or. Admin. R. 860-021-0334
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 183 & ORS 756

Stats. Implemented: ORS 756.040 & ORS 757.225

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