Or. Admin. R. 863-025-0050 - Tenant Ledger

(1) Except as provided in section (3) of this rule, a property manager must prepare and maintain at least one tenant's ledger for each tenant or individual from whom the property manager has received any funds under a property management agreement, whether or not the tenant has executed a written rental or lease agreement at the time of the payment of funds to the property manager.
(2) A property manager must use the balances of tenant security deposits in individual tenant's ledgers in the monthly reconciliation of the security deposits account as required in OAR 863-025-0025.
(3) A property manager must prepare and maintain a separate record of the receipt of funds from prospective tenants who are not tenants at the time of paying the funds to the property manager, who do not pay the funds for a particular rental unit and who do not become tenants after such payment
(4) A tenant's ledger must contain at least the following information:
(a) The name of the tenant;
(b) The legal description of the property, the mailing address of the property and the unit number, or a unique series of letters and/or numbers that establishes an audit trail to the tenant agreement;
(c) The identifying code;
(d) For each deposit of funds:
(A) The amount of funds received;
(B) The purpose of the funds and identity of the person who tendered the funds; and
(C) The check number, cash receipt number or a unique series of letters and/or numbers that established an audit trail to the receipt of funds; and
(D) The date the funds were deposited;
(e) For each disbursement of funds:
(A) The date the funds were disbursed;
(B) The amount of funds disbursed;
(C) The check number or bank-generated electronic tracking number;
(D) The payee of the disbursement;
(E) The purpose of the disbursement; and
(f) The balance after each recorded entry.
(5) If a property manager receives a check from a tenant or prospective tenant for rent, tenant's security deposits or fees and the tenancy fails for any reason within three banking days following receipt of the check, the property manager may return the check to the tenant or prospective tenant without first depositing and processing the check through the property manager's client trust account. The property manager must retain a photocopy of the check and a dated receipt for the check in the required records of property management activity. The property manager must record the amount of the check, the dates of receipt and return of the check on the ledger required under section (3) of this rule.


Or. Admin. R. 863-025-0050
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 183.335 & 696.385

Stats. Implemented: ORS 696.280 & 696.361

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