Or. Admin. R. 918-100-0060 - Requirements for Municipalities

At least ten percent of each minor label lot shall be inspected.

(1) For optional programs, the authority having jurisdiction shall inspect within 30 days of return of a minor label log sheet, or of lot completion in an online account. If the work inspected violates the code under which the installation is made, the inspecting jurisdiction may:
(a) Inspect additional installations listed in the log sheet or the online account; and
(b) Charge the person purchasing the minor labels for all new inspections and for all reinspections required at the jurisdiction's hourly inspection rate.
(2) Under the statewide program, the authority having jurisdiction shall inspect the minor installation within 30 days of contacting the homeowner, but no more than 35 days from the date of receipt of the division's request to inspect.
(a) The division shall compensate each inspecting jurisdiction $75 per inspection for the first minor label installation inspected in a lot. In the event that a jurisdiction is required to perform an inspection on a second or third label, the contractor shall compensate the jurisdiction directly at a uniform flat fee of $75. If the jurisdiction finds a code violation that requires a second inspection of minor label, the contractor shall compensate the jurisdiction directly at the jurisdiction's hourly rate.
(b) The division shall, upon notice of three failed inspections in the same lot of labels, notify the contractor and the jurisdictions affected by the remaining labels in the same lot. Each jurisdiction shall then notify the contractor that a permit is necessary for each of the remaining installations within the jurisdiction in the same lot of labels, and work shall follow the normal permit and inspection procedures for that jurisdiction.
(c) If, at any time during a three-year period, the division notifies jurisdictions of two or more lots of minor labels under subsection (b) of this section, the division shall no longer issue minor label sheets to the contractor for a period of one year, upon final determination. Normal permit and inspection procedures for the applicable jurisdiction shall be followed. The contractor shall return any unused minor labels to the division.
(d) Any contractor wishing to appeal a denial of the use of minor labels is entitled to a contested case hearing under the Administrative Procedures Act, ORS Chapter 183.


Or. Admin. R. 918-100-0060
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 447.072, 447.076, 455.144(7), 455.627, 479.540(15) & 479.570(2)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 447.072, 447.076, 455.627, 479.540(15) & 479.570(2)

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