Or. Admin. R. 918-400-0380 - Limited Elevator and Reciprocating Conveyor Licenses

(1) Limited Elevator Mechanic License
(a) Pursuant to ORS 460.057, any person installing, altering, repairing, or maintaining elevator mechanical equipment prior to October 23, 1999, and who does not otherwise qualify for licensure herein, may be issued a limited elevator mechanic's license commensurate with their prior verifiable work experience if they apply in the manner established by the division in OAR chapter 918, division 30.
(b) The following may not be used to determine prior experience:
(A) Work on equipment not regulated by the Elevator Safety Law unless such prior experience is considered to be transferable experience gained prior to October 23, 1999;
(B) The installation, alteration, repair, or maintenance of equipment installed in Oregon that was not lawfully permitted as required by the Elevator Safety Law;
(C) Work in Oregon while employed by a company not lawfully licensed as an elevator contractor in Oregon or not lawfully registered with the Construction Contractors Board; or
(D) Experience gained in violation of any other state law.
(c) Experience gained may be considered based on the following. Applicants must have been regularly engaged in the installation, alteration, repair, or maintenance on the type, or types, of equipment commensurate with the license being sought based on:
(A) Minimum of 4,000 hours "substantial experience" lawfully obtained on equipment covered by a limited elevator mechanic's license;
(B) "Substantial experience" for purposes of this rule, means verified evidence in the form of two separate notarized affidavits. One from an Oregon business attesting the person has been involved in 40 or more elevator projects and one from a CPA attesting that the business had at least $75,000 of gross business prior to October 23, 1999. Nothing in this rule prevents an applicant from faxing or scanning and e-mailing documents.
(d) A license under this rule is limited to the scope of work for which the person has provided work experience acceptable to the division.
(2) Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic License. Applicant must demonstrate 3,000 hours of "lawful work experience," as defined in OAR chapter 918, division 30, in the installation, alteration, repair, and maintenance of reciprocating conveyors. An applicant must apply for the license as required under OAR chapter 918, division 30.
(3) Restricted Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic License. Applicant must apply to the division as required under OAR chapter 918, division 30.
(4) Exemption from Limited Elevator and Reciprocating Conveyor Licensing Requirements. A person installing the mechanical portion of a reciprocating conveyor defined in OAR 918-400-0280(19)(b) is not required to hold any kind of mechanic's license under the Elevator Safety Law. This section does not exempt the installation of reciprocating conveyors defined in OAR 918-400-0280(19)(b) from other applicable provisions of the Elevator Safety Law, including ORS 460.045.


Or. Admin. R. 918-400-0380
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 460.057, 460.061, 460.085 & 455.117

Stats. Implemented: ORS 460.057 & 460.061

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