Or. Admin. R. 918-400-0395 - Apprenticeship Program Requirements

In order to obtain board approval of an individual elevator apprentice program, the following requirements must be met:

(a) On-the-job training installing, repairing, altering, and maintaining elevator mechanical equipment in the following work categories and minimum hours:
(A) Basic construction and maintenance safety and tools -- 150 hours;
(B) Blue print reading -- 150 hours;
(C) Material handling -- hoisting and rigging -- 150 hours;
(D) Guide rail systems installation and maintenance -- 150 hours;
(E) Drive machines and systems; overhead equipment including beams and sheaves -- 150 hours;
(F) Hydraulic systems and control valves -- 150 hours;
(G) Car frames, platforms, and enclosures -- 150 hours;
(H) Doors, entrances, and operators -- 150 hours;
(I) Adjusting elevator systems -- 150 hours;
(J) Maintenance and periodic testing requirements -- 150 hours;
(K) Alteration of existing equipment -- 150 hours;
(L) Structure and operation of escalators and moving walks -- 150 hours; and
(M) Installing related equipment such as dumbwaiters, wheelchair lifts, and material lifts -- 150 hours.
(b) Total Hours Required. Total work experience must be at least 4,000 hours. No more than 300 percent credit is allowed under paragraphs (A) through (M) for any one subject.
(2) Required Educational Training. 144 hours of classroom instruction must be provided each year covering the following subjects. Individuals are required to obtain grades of "C" or better in graded classes and a "pass" in non-graded classes for the following subjects:
(a) Basic construction and maintenance safety;
(b) Blueprint reading;
(c) Code-related requirements;
(d) Equipment testing procedures;
(e) Guide rail systems installation and maintenance;
(f) Pit equipment and maintenance;
(g) Car frames, platforms, and enclosures;
(h) Hoisting and rigging;
(i) Overhead equipment including beams and sheaves;
(j) Hoist ropes and roping procedures;
(k) Structure and operation of escalators and moving walks;
(l) Drive machines and components;
(m) Hydraulic systems and control valves; and
(n) Traction machines and components.


Or. Admin. R. 918-400-0395
BCD 21-2002(Temp), f. 8-30-02, cert. ef. 9-1-02 thru 2-27-03; BCD 34-2002, f. 12-20-02, cert. ef. 1-1-03; BCD 12-2004, f. 8-20-04, cert. ef. 10-1-04; BCD 10-2009, f. 12-30-09, cert. ef. 1-1-10

Stat. Auth.: ORS 460.059

Stats. Implemented: ORS 460.059, 460.085, & 479.630

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