Or. Admin. R. 918-400-0465 - Elevator Maintenance Requirements

(1) The governing code for the repair and maintenance of existing elevators and for placing elevators back in service shall be the Oregon Elevator Specialty Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators in the 2002 Edition of ASME A17.3 published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, as amended by the Building Codes Division.
(2) Exceptions
(a) Where ASME A17.3 fails to clearly define or govern a specific device or type of conveyance, the code under which the unit was installed, or the latest alteration code, if applicable, shall be used;
(b) The 1937 code applies to devices installed prior to March 1937.
(3) When elevator signal fixtures are altered, all elevator signal fixtures, car handrail(s), and two-way communication device(s) shall be brought into compliance with the applicable disability regulations in the Oregon Structural Specialty Code.
(4) All requirements for periodic safety tests, repair of existing devices and maintenance shall be brought into compliance within the time period required in the periodic inspection report.
(5) Except as provided in section (4) of this rule, the maximum time allowed to comply with new maintenance standards for existing elevators shall not be more than 24 months from date of periodic inspection except:
(a) The replacement of hand line control as required by ASME A17.3, Item 3.10.1shall be allowed a maximum of 36 months to comply.
(b) All existing elevator hoistway gates or doors required to comply with ASME A17.3, Item 2.6.1 and car doors or gates required to comply with Item 3.4.2(a) shall meet the minimum 72-inch (1828.8mm) height requirement within 60 months from the date of the periodic safety inspection following effective date of this rule, or when the gate requires complete replacement, whichever comes first.
(c) All elevators required by ASME A17.3, Item 3.11.3 to have fire fighters' service shall comply with this rule within 60 months from date of the periodic safety inspection.
(d) All passenger elevators and freight elevators allowed to carry passengers permitted after January 1, 1993, shall comply with ASME A17.3, Item 3.11.1. Elevators not in compliance with the applicable chapter of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code for elevator communication devices as of January 1, 1993, shall have 24 months from date of periodic inspection to install the proper communicating device.
(e) Compliance extensions beyond the limits set in this section may be granted where, because of material shortages or extent of required changes, the additional time is necessary to achieve compliance.


Or. Admin. R. 918-400-0465
DC 25-1982, f. & ef. 12-16-82; Renumbered from 814-030-0075; BCD 18-1995, f. & cert. ef. 12-15-95; Renumbered from 918-400-0100; BCD 3-1997, f. 3-18-97, cert. ef. 4-1-97; BCD 13-1999, f. & cert. ef. 10-1-99, Renumbered from 918-400-0530; BCD 3-2003, f. 2-28-03, cert. ef. 3-1-03; BCD 2-2005, f. 3-16-05, cert. ef. 4-1-05; BCD 8-2006, f. 6-30-06, cert. ef. 7-1-06

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Stat. Auth.: ORS 460.085, 455.117

Stats. Implemented: ORS 460.085, 455.117

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