Or. Admin. R. 918-400-0800 - Fees

(1) Subject to section (6) of this rule, the following elevator fees are effective under ORS 460.165:
(a) Elevator contractor's license, $585 for application or renewal;
(b) Plan reviews, when required, $78;
(2) The total operating permit fee for a specific type of equipment is calculated by multiplying its base operating permit fee under ORS 460.165 by its inspection interval in 918-400-0660. Effective October 1, 2010, an initial operating permit and an installation permit must be obtained prior to installation. A 12 percent surcharge will be added to the following total operating permit fees at the time of sale:
(a) Inclined Elevator - $196
(b) Belt Manlift - $196
(c) Moving Walk - $196
(d) Escalator - $196
(e) Rack & Pinion - $196
(f) Sidewalk Elevator - $120
(g) Sidewalk Material Lift - $120
(h) Special Purpose - $196
(i) Fees for the following elevators are determined by the rise of each unit: Special Purpose Personnel Elevator, Freight-Hydraulic, Freight-Electric, Passenger-Hydraulic, Passenger-Electric.
(A) Four floor rise or under - $176
(B) Over a four floor rise, but under a ten floor rise - $216
(C) Ten floor rise or over, but under a twenty floor rise - $268
(D) Twenty floor rise or over - $314
(j) Stairway Chairlift - $120
(k) Dumbwaiter - $120
(l) Limited-Use Limited Application - $196
(m) Material Lift - $196
(n) Vertical Reciprocating Lift - $196
(o) Vertical Wheelchair Lift - $176
(p) Inclined Wheelchair Lift - $176
(q) Stage Lift - $196
(3) Reinspections on a mechanism in section (2) of this rule made by request or in continued existence of a defect, $75;
(4) For special inspections, testing, consultations, site visits, or other services for which no fee is otherwise specified, $75 per hour for travel and inspection time;
(5) For the installation or alteration of an elevator, if the total cost of the installation or alteration other than the inspection fee, is:
(a) $1,000 or under - $98;
(b) $1,001 to $14,999 - $98, plus $13 for each $1,000 or fraction of $1,000 by which the cost exceeds $1,000;
(c) $15,000 to $49,999 - $280, plus $8 for each $1,000 or fraction of $1,000 by which the cost exceeds $15,000;
(d) $50,000 or over - $553, plus $3 for each $1,000 or fraction of $1,000 by which the cost exceeds $50,000.
(6) Elevator alterations.
(a) No fee shall be charged when an alteration is limited to fixture upgrades to meet state-adopted accessibility standards;
(b) No fee shall be charged where the alteration is limited to the car interior upgrades that do not alter the gross weight of the car more than five percent;
(c) When a group of elevators under common group control is proposed for an upgrade, and the same upgrade is proposed for all cars in the group, the inspection fee shall be the contract valuation for the entire elevator upgrade project rather than the higher separate inspection fee for each elevator in the group; and
(d) Where the upgrade for a group of elevators is not identical for each elevator, the fees shall be calculated separately based on the contract valuation for each elevator.
(7) Plan Review Fees. Where a complete set of drawings shows all elevators affected by the proposed installation or alteration, only one plan review fee shall be required rather than a separate fee for each elevator.
(8) Limited Elevator Mechanic's License. The following fee applies to the license issued under OAR 918-400-0380(1): $60 for application or renewal.
(9) Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic's Licenses. The following fees apply to licenses issued under OAR 918-400-0380(2) and (3):
(a) Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic's license, $300 for application or renewal;
(b) Restricted Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic's license, $50 for application or renewal.


Or. Admin. R. 918-400-0800
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 460.085

Stats. Implemented: ORS 460.061 & 460.165

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