Or. Admin. R. 918-098-1530 - Training Programs

(1) Approved applicants must complete an appropriate division-approved training program and pass a division-approved examination for the desired specialized certification. Training program requirements are stated in OAR 918-098-1560 for the Specialized Solar Photo-Voltaic Inspector Certification, in 918-098-1570 for the Specialized Plumbing Inspector Certification, and in 918-098-1580 for the Specialized Electrical Inspector Certification, and in 918-098-1590 and 918-098-1591 for the Specialized Finals Inspector Certification.
(2) Approved fieldwork supervisors must be qualified by training, licensure, and experience to perform the specialized inspector certification fieldwork inspections being performed.
(3) Fieldwork Training. A specialized inspector certification applicant is eligible to perform the required fieldwork training after the applicant has begun the division training program.
(4) Fieldwork Supervision. All specialized certification fieldwork training must be supervised and verified by an inspector with a valid Oregon Inspector Certification required to conduct the inspections being performed.
(a) An applicant's fieldwork training must be documented on a division-approved form and signed by the inspector who supervised the inspections.
(b) An inspector supervising and verifying an applicant's fieldwork training may not be qualified to conduct the inspections performed based solely on a specialized inspector certification issued according to these rules.
(5) Alternate Evaluation. The division may evaluate the skill and knowledge level of an specialized inspector applicant in lieu of some or all of the fieldwork requirements.
(6) Fieldwork Training Approval. A specialized inspector certification applicant must submit proof of completed fieldwork training, or alternate evaluation and approval by the division, to the division for verification and approval, and issuance of specialized inspector certification.
(7) Examination Approval. A specialized inspector certification applicant is eligible to take a certification examination once the application has been approved by the division. A certification will not be issued until the division receives proof that the applicant has successfully completed the required training program and passed the exam.


Or. Admin. R. 918-098-1530
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 455.720, 455.730 & 455.735

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 455.720, 455.730 & 455.735

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