333-029-0015 - Definitions

333-029-0015. Definitions

As used in these rules unless otherwise required by context:

(1) "Administrator" means the Assistant Director for the Public Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority.

(2) "Approval or Approved" means approved in writing.

(3) "Division" means Public Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority.

(4) "Dormitory" means a room containing beds, cots, or other sleeping places and occupied by unrelated or separate groups and/or other individuals. Every 100 square feet of usable floor space in a dormitory shall constitute a lodging unit.

(5) "Hostel" means any establishment having beds rented or kept for rent on a daily basis to travelers for a charge or fee paid or to be paid for rental or use of facilities and which are operated, managed or maintained under the sponsorship of a nonprofit organization which holds a valid exemption from federal income taxes under 26 USC Sec. 501.

(6) "Issuing Authority" means the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, its delegate, or contract agent.

(7) "Lodging Unit" means one or more self-contained rooms for travelers' occupancy, including those for sleeping, sitting, or cooking purposes, and except where a travelers' accommodation is comprised of a single lodging unit, designated by a number, letter, or other means of identification.

(8) "Person" means individuals, corporations, associations, firms, partnerships, and joint stock companies as well as public entities of any character.

(9) "Tourist Facility" means any traveler's accommodation, hostel, picnic park, recreation park, and organizational camp.

(10) "Travelers' Accommodation" includes any establishment, which is not a hostel, having rooms, apartments or sleeping facilities rented or kept for rent on a daily or weekly basis to travelers or transients for a charge or fee paid or to be paid for rental or use of facilities.

(11) "Unregulated Small Drinking Water System" means a facility licensed under the authority of these rules that is not regulated under OAR 333-061, Public Water Systems. These systems must comply with the requirements of OAR 333-029-0075.

(12) "Usable Floor Space" means all floor space in a lodging unit not occupied by closets, built-ins, toilet rooms, bathrooms, or shower rooms.

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Publications: Publications referenced are available from the agency.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 446.330

Stats. Implemented: ORS 446.310 & 446.330

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