340-013-0005 - Statement of Policy

340-013-0005. Statement of Policy

Wilderness areas represent a natural resource of unique importance. Congress has protected such areas by enacting the Wilderness Act, Public Law 88-577,16 U.S.C. Sec. 1131, et seq. Those wilderness areas located within the geographical limits of the state are a major part of the cultural heritage of the citizens of Oregon and are a key element in developing and maintaining tourism and recreation as a viable industry. Thus, the environment of wilderness areas is deserving of the highest level of protection and safeguarding by the state in order to preserve Oregon's unique primitive and natural land areas. The Wilderness Act allows certain activities in wilderness areas. Most of these have minimal present impact on the environment. However, mining and some other activities allowed by the Wilderness Act pose a serious threat of a substantial harm to the unique environment of wilderness areas. Therefore, it is declared to be the policy and purpose of the Department of Environmental Quality to maintain the environment of wilderness areas essentially in a pristine state and as free from air, water, and noise pollution as is practically possible and to permit its alteration only in a manner compatible with recreational use and the enjoyment of the scenic beauty and splendor of these lands by the citizens of Oregon and of the United States.

(DEQ 35, f. 2-15-72, ef. 3-1-72)

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Stat. Auth.:ORS 468.020

Stats. Implemented:ORS 468.035 & 16 USC 1131 et seq

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