441-035-0080 - Definitions

441-035-0080. Definitions

For purposes of OAR 441-035-0070 through OAR441-035-0230, the following definitions apply unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) "Business Technical Service Provider" means a Small Business Development Center as defined in OAR 123-022-0070, an Economic Development District as defined in 13 CFR 304.1, or a not-for-profit incubator, accelerator, or business resource provider approved by the Director.

(2) "Director" means the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services.

(3) "Issuer" has the same meaning as that term is defined in ORS 59.015(9). For the purposes of these rules, "issuer" includes persons with direct control over the Oregon business or over the offer or sale of securities exempted under these rules.

(4) "Offer" includes every attempt to dispose of an OIO security for value. The publication of any information and statements, and publicity efforts - including any advertising materials - in advance of or in connection with an OIO that contributes to the conditioning of the public mind or arousing public interest in the issuer or is intended to arouse public interest investing in the issuer or purchasing its securities - even though it does not contain an express "offer" - is an "offer" of OIO securities for purposes of this definition.

(5) "Offering Documents" means the representations and disclosures required under OAR 441-035-0120.

(6) "Oregon business" means a business formed under the laws of Oregon and registered with the Secretary of State of Oregon as a domestic business, with its principal office in Oregon, doing business in the state and having 50 or fewer employees.

(7) "Third Party Platform Provider" means an internet based platform provided by a business technical service provider or other entity authorized by the Director to post, on behalf of issuers, information related to OIOs to interested persons who certify Oregon residency.

(FCS 1-2015, f. & cert. ef. 1-15-15)

Stat. Auth.: ORS 59.035

Stats. Implemented: ORS 59.035

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