441-035-0130 - Advertising and Solicitation

441-035-0130. Advertising and Solicitation

Issuers and third party platform providers may engage in general advertising or solicitation of OIO securities provided that:

(1) The issuer files a copy of the advertising materials with the Director at least seven (7) days prior to use. The Director may prohibit the use of any advertisement that they consider false or misleading or otherwise not in compliance with these rules.

(2) The advertisement is directed only to Oregon residents. Prior to viewing advertising materials, each person must affirmatively certify that they are an Oregon resident. A person who does not or can not affirmatively certify that they are an Oregon resident may not view the advertising materials.

(3) The advertisement contains no more than the following information:

(a) The name and contact information of the issuer;

(b) A brief description of the general type of business of the issuer;

(c) Whether securities being offered are stocks, notes or debentures or a combination;

(d) The total offering amount;

(e) A description of how the issuer will use the funds;

(f) The duration of the OIO and deadline for raising funds through the offering; and

(g) The issuer's logo;

(h) A link to the issuer's website or the third party platform in which the securities are offered or sold.

(4) Any amendments to the advertising materials are filed with the Director.

(5) The advertisement, including any advertisement through a website, clearly states that the advertisement does not constitute an offer to sell a security and includes contact or other relevant information notifying an interested person how they can obtain the required disclosure information, in writing, free of charge.

(6) Advertising to the general public without regard to residency, or advertising information outside the scope of this rule is prohibited.

(FCS 1-2015, f. & cert. ef. 1-15-15)

Stat. Auth.: ORS 59.035

Stats. Implemented: ORS 59.035

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