441-035-0140 - Use of Internet General Requirements

441-035-0140. Use of Internet General Requirements

(1) Websites that advertise or offer an OIO security must obtain an affirmative declaration from an interested person under 441-035-0090(3)(b) that the interested person is an Oregon resident prior to allowing access to any of the information allowed under OAR 441-035-0130 or to the offering documents under 441-035-0120;

(2) Websites that advertise, offer or sell an OIO security must take reasonable steps to ensure that an investor's financial and personal information is properly secured and kept private and must conform to ORS 646A.622.

(FCS 1-2015, f. & cert. ef. 1-15-15)

Stat. Auth.: ORS 59.035

Stats. Implemented: ORS 59.035

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