441-735-0272 - Requirements for Licensees

441-735-0272. Requirements for Licensees

(1) A licensee:

(a) Must calculate daily interest based upon a 365/day year.

(b) Must comply with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, 15 USC § 1691 et seq., and must provide the applicant with a written notice of the reason for declining a loan. The license may provide the notice to the applicant at the time the loan is declined or the notice may be mailed to the applicant. The licensee must retain a copy of the notice in the borrower's files unless an exception under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act applies.

(c) Must prominently post the APR inside their office where customers can easily see it and the APR must be prominently posted on the licensee's website so that it will be viewed by any Oregon consumer prior to applying for a loan.

(2) After any payment made, in full or in part, on any loan, a licensee must:

(a) Give the person making payment a signed, dated receipt showing the amount paid to principal, the amount paid to interest, and the balance due on the loan; or

(b) An electronic receipt, a canceled check, or other written instrument approved by the director as a substitute for the receipt requirements of subsection (a).

(3) If a licensee does not give a borrower the note marked "Paid or Renewed" in compliance with ORS 725A.056, the loan agreement must state that the borrower's canceled check will be evidence of payment of the loan. The licensee must mark the note "Paid" or "Renewed" and retain the note in the file. If the loan is made using an electronic medium and the consumer has consented to use of electronic transmission, an electronic transmission may fulfill the requirements of this section.

(4) A licensee may not make a loan to an applicant without forming a good faith belief that the applicant has the ability to repay the loan. A licensee will be presumed to have complied if the licensee:

(a) Requires the applicant to provide evidence of a source of funds to repay the loan such as pay stubs, bank statements or similar record or evidence of employment or income;

(b) Establishes the amount of salary or earnings of the applicant and the date of the month on which the applicant receives compensation or funds;

(c) Solicits the applicant for information on the number, amounts and dates of maturity on outstanding loans on which the applicant is the payor or guarantor;

(d) Does not lend more than 25 percent of the consumer's monthly net income to an applicant that earns $60,000 a year or less. This limitation does not apply to loans made to applicants who have a net income in excess of $60,000 a year. If a loan is based upon anticipated receipt of funds from other sources, the licensee must so note in the file and may lend no more than 25 percent of the total anticipated funds received by the applicant during the loan period.

(e) Solicits information on the number, amount and dates of maturity of existing outstanding loans.

(5) When an application is made, a licensee must provide the borrower with a written statement, in a form approved by the director, clearly describing the results of any default or late payment.

(6) In compliance with ORS 725A.062 and 725A.064, a licensee may not renew a loan more than two times and may not make a new loan to a borrower within seven days of the day that a previous payday loan expires.

Example: A borrower borrows $300 for 31 days on July 3 at 36 percent interest and a $30 origination fee. Unable to pay off the loan on August 3, the borrower pays the $30 origination fee and $9.17 interest ($300 x 0.36 divided by 365 x 31) and renews the loan with a new due date of September 3. Unable to repay the loan on September 3, the borrower again pays $9.17interest and renews the loan with a new due date of October 4. If the borrower is unable to repay the loan on October 4, the lender may not any more renewals and may not make a new loan to the borrower until October 11.

(7) If the licensee has a preexisting business relationship with the borrower in which the licensee has entered into a loan or loans within the previous 12 months that have been satisfactorily repaid in full, the lender may rely on that preexisting relationship to form the good faith belief required under ORS 725A.062.

(8) For purposes of the investigation described in ORS 725A.024, an applicant for a payday loan license or title loan license must authorize an investigative consumer report as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC § 1681 et. seq.

(9) No license will be issued or renewed unless the applicant or licensee is legally qualified to conduct business in this state by making appropriate filings with the Secretary of State.

(FCS 7-2010, f. & cert. ef. 6-4-10; FCS 2-2012, f. & cert. ef. 7-23-12)

Stat. Auth.: ORS 725A.080 & 725A.092

Stats. Implemented: ORS 725A.056, 725A.060, 725A.062, 725A.064, 725A.080, & 725A.092

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