813-120-0045 - Eligible Activities

813-120-0045. Eligible Activities

(1) The Department may provide funds for the following categories of activities. The Department may restrict the availability of Program funds for each such category at the time it solicits applications.

(2) Homeowner Rehabilitation: For rehabilitation of single-family housing that is the principal residence of a homeowner whose Family is a Low-Income or Very Low-Income Family at the time of commitment of HOME funds. Homeowner rehabilitation programs shall be administered by a State Recipient or a Subrecipient.

(3) Homebuyer Assistance: For acquisition, rehabilitation and/or construction of housing to be owned and occupied by Low- or Very Low-Income Families.

(4) Rental Rehabilitation: For acquisition and/or rehabilitation of existing structures for rental housing affordable to Low- and Very Low-Income Families. The initial and long-term affordability requirements outlined in OAR 813-120-0050 shall apply to rental housing assisted with HOME funds. Rental rehabilitation projects may be sponsored by a State Recipient, Nonprofit Organization, For-Profit Organization, individual or CHDO.

(5) New Construction: For the construction of new rental housing or the acquisition of rental housing which is acquired within one year of the date of the certificate of initial occupancy. New construction Projects may be sponsored by a State Recipient, Nonprofit Organization, For-Profit Organization, individual or CHDO.

(6) Acquisition of vacant land or demolition is an eligible activity only when proposed as a portion of a particular Project intended to provide affordable housing. New Construction of housing is an eligible activity only when the initial certificate of occupancy was issued mor more than one year prior to the Commitment of Program Funds, and is otherwise approved by the Department. Building conversion is considered new construction if one or more untis are being added beyond the existing walls of the structure.

(7) Tenant-Based Rental Assistance: For rental assistance to Low- and Very Low-Income Families.

(8) CHDO Predevelopment and Technical Assistance: Loans for project-specific predevelopment or technical assistance and site control activities performed by CHDOs may be authorized for up to 10 percent of the Program's allocation set-aside for CHDOs, as described in 24 C.F.R. Sec. 92.208, 92.300(e) and (f).

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Publications: Publications referenced are available from the agency.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 456.620

Stats. Implemented: ORS 456.559(1)(f)

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