Or. Admin. R. 410-141-3570 - Managed Care Entity Encounter Claims Data Reporting

Current through Register Vol. 60, No. 12, December 1, 2021

(1) MCEs shall meet the data content and submission standards as required by HIPAA 45 CFR Part 162, the Authority's electronic data transaction rules (OAR 943-120-0100 through 943-120-0200), the Authority's 837 technical specifications for encounter data, and the Authority's encounter data submission guidelines that are subject to periodic revisions and available on the Authority's web site.
(2) MCEs shall collect service information in standardized formats to the extent feasible and appropriate; if HIPAA standard, the MCE must utilize the HIPAA standards:
(a) MCEs shall submit encounter claims for all covered services, except for health-related services, provided to members as defined in OAR 410-120-0000 and 410-141-3500;
(b) MCEs shall submit encounter claims data including encounters for:
(A) Services where the MCE determined that liability exists; even if the MCE did not make any payment for a claim;
(B) Services where the MCE determined that no liability exists;
(C) Services to members provided by a provider under a subcontract, capitation, or special arrangement with another facility or program;
(D) Paid amounts regardless of whether the servicing provider is paid on a fee for service basis, on a capitated basis by the MCE, or the MCE's subcontractor; and
(E) Services to members who also have Medicare coverage, if a claim has been submitted to the MCE.
(c) MCEs shall obtain a Coordination of Benefits Agreement (COBA) number and coordinate with COBA to receive direct crossover claims for dually eligible members with traditional Medicare pursuant to 42 CFR 438.3(t);
(d) MCEs shall report encounter claims data whether the provider is an in-network participating or out-of-network, non-participating provider.
(3) MCEs shall follow the DCBS standards for electronic data exchange as described in the Oregon Companion Guides available on the DCBS website.
(4) MCEs shall submit all valid unduplicated encounter claims: professional, dental, institutional, and pharmacy within 45 days of the date of adjudication:
(a) MCEs shall ensure all pharmacy encounter claims data meet the data content standards as required by the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) as available on their web site or by contacting the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs organization;
(b) Submission Standards and Data Availability:
(A) MCEs shall only use the two types of provider identifiers, as allowed by HIPAA NPI standards 45 CFR 160.103 and as provided to the MCE by the Authority in encounter claims:
(i) The National Provider Identifiers (NPI) for a provider covered entity enrolled with the Authority; or
(ii) The Oregon Medicaid proprietary provider numbers for the Authority enrolled non-covered atypical provider entities.
(B) MCEs shall make an adjustment to any encounter claim within 30 days of discovering the data is incorrect, no longer valid, or some element of the claim not identified as part of the original claim needs to be changed;
(C) If the Authority discovers errors or a conflict with a previously adjudicated encounter claim except as specified in paragraph (E) below, the MCE must adjust or void the encounter claim within 30 days of notification by the Authority of the required action or as identified in paragraph (E) below;
(D) If the Authority discovers errors with a previously adjudicated encounter claim resulting from a federal or state mandate or request that requires the completeness and accuracy of the encounter data, the MCE must correct the errors within a timeframe specified by the Authority;
(E) If circumstances prevent the MCE from meeting requested timeframes for correction, the MCE may contact the Authority to determine an agreed upon specified date except as required in subsection 4(c)(D) below;
(F) MCEs retain liability for certifying encounter data as complete, truthful, and accurate. MCEs must ensure claims data received from providers, either directly or through a third-party submitter, is accurate, truthful, and complete by:
(i) Verifying accuracy and timeliness of reported data;
(ii) Screening data for completeness, logic, and consistency;
(iii) Submitting a complete and accurate Encounter Data Certification and Validation Report available on the Authority's website.
(G) MCEs shall make all collected and reported data available upon request to the Authority and CMS as described in 42 CFR 438.242.
(c) Encounter Claims Data Corrections for "must correct" Encounter Claims:
(A) The Authority shall notify the MCE of the status of all encounter claims processed;
(B) Notification of all encounter claims processed that are in a "must correct" status shall be provided by the Authority to the MCE each week and for each subsequent week the encounter claim remains in a "must correct" status;
(C) The Authority may not necessarily notify the MCE of other errors; however, this information is available in the MCE's electronic remittance advice supplied by the Authority;
(D) MCEs shall submit corrections to all encounter claims within 63 days from the date the Authority sends the MCE notice that the encounter claim remains in a "must correct" status;
(E) MCEs may not delete encounter claims with a "must correct" status as specified in section (3)(d) except when the Authority has determined the encounter claim cannot be corrected or for other reasons.
(5) Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems OAR 410-165-0000 to 410-165-0140. In support of an eligible provider's ability to demonstrate meaningful use as an EHR user, as described by 42 CFR 495.4 and 42 CFR 495.8, the MCE must:
(a) Submit encounter data in support of a qualified EHR user's meaningful use data report to the Authority for validation as set forth in OAR 410-165-0080;
(b) Respond within the timeframe determined by the Authority to any request for:
(A) Any suspected missing MCE encounter claims, or;
(B) MCE-submitted encounter claims found to be unmatched to an EHR user's meaningful use report.
(6) MCEs shall comply with the following hysterectomy and sterilization standards as described in 42 CFR 441.250 to 441.259 and the requirements of OAR 410-130-0580:
(a) MCEs shall submit a signed informed consent form to the Authority for each member that received either a hysterectomy or sterilization service within 30 days of the date of service; or immediately upon notification by the Authority that a qualifying encounter claim has been identified;
(b) The Authority in collaboration and cooperation with the MCE shall reconcile all hysterectomy or sterilization services with informed consents with the associated encounter claims by either:
(A) Confirming the validity of the consent and notifying the MCE that no further action is needed;
(B) Requesting a corrected informed consent form, or;
(C) Informing the MCE, the informed consent is missing or invalid and the payment must be recouped, and the associated encounter claim must be changed to reflect no payment made for services within the timeframe set by the Authority.
(7) Upon request by the Authority, MCEs shall furnish information regarding rebates for any covered outpatient drug provided by the MCE as follows:
(a) The Authority is eligible for the rebates authorized under Section 1927 of the Social Security Act ( 42 USC 1396r-8 ) as amended by section 2501 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ( P.L. 111-148 ) and section 1206 of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 ( P.L. 111-152 ) for any covered outpatient drug provided by the MCE, unless the drug is subject to discounts under Section 340B of the Public Health Service Act;
(b) MCEs shall report prescription drug data as specified in section (3)(b).
(8) Encounter Pharmacy Data Rebate Dispute Resolution as governed by SSA Section 1927 42 U.S.C. 1396r-8 and as required by OAR 410-121-0000 through 410-121-0625. When the Authority receives an Invoiced Rebate Dispute from a drug manufacturer, the Authority shall send the Invoiced Rebate Dispute to the MCE for review and resolution within 15 days of receipt:
(a) The MCE shall assist in the dispute process as follows:
(A) By notifying the Authority that the MCE agrees an error has been made; and
(B) By correcting and re-submitting the pharmacy encounter data to the Authority within 45 days of receipt of the Invoiced Rebate Dispute.
(b) If the MCE disagrees with the Invoiced Rebate Dispute that an error has been made, the MCE shall send the details of the disagreement to the Authority's encounter data liaison within 45 days of receipt of the Invoiced Rebate Dispute.


Or. Admin. R. 410-141-3570
DMAP 55-2019, adopt filed 12/17/2019, effective 1/1/2020; DMAP 62-2020, amend filed 12/16/2020, effective 1/1/2021

Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 413.042, 414.615, 414.625, 414.635 & 414.651

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 414.610 - 414.685

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