12 Pa. Code § 145.33 - Manufactured homes excluded

(a) Manufactured homes which are subject to sections 604 and 625 of the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C.A. § § 5403 and 5424) and the regulations issued thereunder by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development are not subject to this chapter.
(b) The following language must appear in the installation documentation provided with the industrialized home and the data plate:

The manufacturer certifies that the structure (insert serial number) is not a manufactured home subject to the provisions of the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act and is

(1) designed only for erection or installation on a site built permanent foundation
(2) not designed to be moved once so erected or installed
(3) designed and manufactured to comply with (insert applicable standards)
(4) to the manufacturer's knowledge not intended to be used other than on a site-built permanent foundation.
(c) A residential permanent foundation shall be constructed in accordance with the prescriptive provisions of the adopted building code or, when required, designed by a licensed professional engineer. A residential permanent foundation must have attachment points to anchor and stabilize the home to transfer all code required loads to the underlying soil or rock. In either case, a residential permanent foundation must:
(1) Be designed for vertical stability as follows:
(i) Footings properly sized to prevent overloading of the soil.
(ii) Minimum depth of footings below undisturbed ground surface must be 12 inches or as required by the local code, whichever is greater.
(iii) Shallow foundation footings must be constructed of cast-in-place concrete.
(iv) Masonry walls and piers must be mortared.
(2) Be designed for lateral stability as follows:
(i) Anchorage capacity to prevent uplift, sliding and overturning or other movement of the structure.
(ii) May not utilize tension-only steel straps.
(iii) May not utilize screw-in soil anchors.
(3) Be constructed of durable materials, that is, concrete, mortared masonry or treated wood. This includes precast foundation systems.
(d) A residential permanent foundation does not include alternative systems or components labeled only for use under one or more of the following standards:
(1) 24 CFR Part 3280 (relating to manufactured home construction and safety standards).
(2) 24 CFR Part 3286 (relating to manufactured home installation program).
(3) NFPA 225 Model Manufactured Home Installation Standard.
(4) ANSI A225.1 NFPA 501A Manufactured Home Installations.
(5) International Residential Code, Appendix E.
(e) Industrialized buildings are excluded from this section.


12 Pa. Code § 145.33
The provisions of this § 145.33 adopted July 12, 1974, effective July 13, 1974, 4 Pa.B. 1403; amended September 8, 1978, effective March 9, 1979, 8 Pa.B. 2524; corrected September 22, 1978, effective March 9, 1979, 8 Pa.B. 2524; amended August 9, 1991, effective August 10, 1991, 21 Pa.B. 3509; amended May 7, 2010, effective July 7, 2010, 40 Pa.B. 2421 Amended by Pennsylvania Bulletin, Vol 46, No. 45. November 5, 2016, effective 11/6/2017

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