25 Pa. Code § 109.204 - Disinfection profiling and benchmarking

(a) The disinfection profiling and benchmarking requirements, established by the EPA under the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations in 40 CFR 141.172, 141.530-141.536, 141.540-141.544, 141.570(c) and (d), 141.708 and 141.709 are incorporated by reference except as otherwise established by this chapter.
(b) Public water suppliers that did not conduct TTHM and HAA5 monitoring under this section because they served fewer than 10,000 persons when the monitoring was required, but serve 10,000 or more persons before January 1, 2005, shall comply with this section. These suppliers shall also establish a disinfection benchmark.
(c) The public water supplier shall conduct disinfection profiling in accordance with the procedures and methods in the most current edition of the Disinfection Profiling and Benchmarking Guidance Manual published by the EPA. The results of the disinfection profiling and the benchmark, including raw data and analysis, shall be retained indefinitely on the water system premises or at a convenient location near the premises. Public water suppliers serving 10,000 or more persons and required to conduct disinfection profiling shall submit the disinfection profiling data and the benchmark data to the Department by June 1, 2001, in a format acceptable to the Department. Public water suppliers serving 500 to 9,999 persons shall submit the disinfection profiling data and the benchmark to the Department by October 1, 2004. Public water suppliers serving less than 500 persons shall submit the disinfection profiling data and the benchmark to the Department by April 1, 2005, in a format acceptable to the Department.
(d) A public water supplier that obtains a permit or permit modification for filtration treatment for a surface water or GUDI source after August 18, 2018, shall submit documentation with the permit application relative to operational parameters which will be used to maintain Giardia lamblia inactivation throughout the expected range of operating conditions.
(e) A public water supplier using surface water or GUDI sources shall consult with the Department before making a significant change to its disinfection practice or operating treatment processes in a manner that may result in an inactivation level that is lower than the level needed to meet the Giardia lamblia inactivation requirements specified in § 109.202(c)(1)(ii) (relating to State MCLs, MRDLs and treatment technique requirements). As part of the consultation, the water supplier shall submit the following information to the Department:
(1) A completed disinfection profile and disinfection benchmark for Giardia lamblia and viruses.
(2) A description of the proposed change.
(3) An analysis of how the proposed change will affect the current level of disinfection.


25 Pa. Code § 109.204
Amended by Pennsylvania Bulletin, Vol 48, No. 33. August 18, 2018, effective 8/18/2018

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