Sec. 97.3 - Sound producing devices

§ 97.3. Sound producing devices

(a) Motorboats 12 meters or more in length. A motor-boat 12 meters (39.4 feet) or more in length shall carry sound producing devices as prescribed by 33 CFR Part 83 (relating to rules).

(b) Motorboats less than 12 meters. A motorboat less than 12 meters (39.4 feet) in length shall carry some mechanical means of making a sound signal. This device may be hand, mouth or power operated. An athletic coach's whistle is an acceptable sound producing device for small motorboats.

(c) Unpowered boats. Unpowered boat operators are required to carry a device capable of sounding a prolonged blast for 4-6 seconds that can be heard by another boat operator in time to avoid a collision. An athletic coach's whistle is an acceptable sound producing device for unpowered boats. It is unlawful to use a sound producing device on the water under any circumstance except in the following situations:

(1) Assistance is needed because of immediate or potential danger to the persons onboard.

(2) It is necessary to attract the attention of another boat.

(d) Device accessibility. Sound signaling devices shall be readily accessible to the operator of the boat.

(The provisions of this § 97.3 amended February 4, 1983, effective January 1, 1983, 13 Pa.B. 619; amended June 28, 1991, effective June 29, 1991, 21 Pa.B. 2894; amended June 3, 1994, effective June 4, 1994, 24 Pa.B. 2795; amended September 29, 2000, effective September 30, 2000, 30 Pa.B. 5013; amended December 30, 2011, effective December 31, 2011, 41 Pa.B. 6968. Amended by Pennsylvania Bulletin, Vol 45, No. 14. April 4, 2015, effective 4/4/2015)

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