61 Pa. Code § 816.110 - Ticket validation requirements

Current through Register Vol. 52, No. 16, April 16, 2022

(a) Valid tickets. To be a valid Cash 5 ticket and entitled to a prize, the following conditions shall be met:
(1) The ticket validation number shall be present in its entirety and shall correspond, using the computer validation file, to the selected numbers printed on the ticket for the date printed on the ticket.
(2) The ticket shall be intact.
(3) The ticket may not be mutilated, altered, reconstituted or tampered with.
(4) The ticket may not be counterfeit or an exact duplicate of another winning ticket.
(5) The ticket shall have been issued by the Lottery through an on-line retailer in an authorized manner.
(6) The ticket may not have been stolen.
(7) The ticket shall be validated in accordance with § 816.111 (relating to procedures for claiming and payment of prizes).
(8) The player selected or quick pick numbers on the ticket shall be in individual groups of five numbers each associated with a single letter, A, B, C, D or E, and the five numbers and the associated letter shall constitute a single play.
(9) The ticket data shall have been recorded on the central computer system prior to the drawing and the ticket data shall match the computer record in every respect.
(10) The ticket shall be signed and presented to the Lottery or its authorized representative as set forth in § 816.111 and validated at Lottery headquarters.
(11) The player selected or quick pick numbers, the validation number data and the drawing date of the winning ticket shall appear on the official file of winning plays; and a ticket with that exact data may not have been previously paid.
(12) The ticket may not be misregistered, defectively printed or printed or produced in error to an extent that it cannot, in the sole opinion of the Lottery, be processed by the Lottery.
(13) The ticket shall pass other confidential security checks of the Lottery.
(14) By submitting a Cash 5 ticket for validation, the player agrees to abide by this chapter as determined by the Director.
(15) There may not be another breach of this chapter in relation to the ticket which, in the opinion of the Director, justifies disqualification.
(b) Invalid or defective tickets; disputes. A ticket not passing the validation checks in subsection (a) will be considered invalid and will not be paid.
(1) In cases of doubt, the determination of the Secretary is final and binding. The Secretary may replace an invalid ticket with a ticket of equivalent sale price from a current Lottery game.
(2) If a defective ticket is purchased or if the Secretary determines to adjust an error, the sole and exclusive remedy will be the replacement of the defective or erroneous ticket with a ticket of equivalent sale price from a current Lottery game.
(3) If a ticket is not paid by the Lottery and a dispute occurs as to whether the ticket is a valid winning ticket, the Lottery may replace the ticket as provided in paragraph (2). This is the sole and exclusive remedy of the holder of the ticket.


61 Pa. Code § 816.110

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