Definition: Replacement is any transaction where, in connection with the purchase of new insurance or annuity coverage, you lapse, surrender, convert to paid-up insurance, place on extended term, reduce benefits or term of coverage, reduce cash value or borrow all or part of the policy loan values on an existing insurance policy or annuity.

In connection with the purchase of this coverage, IF YOU HAVE REPLACED OR INTEND TO REPLACE your present life insurance or annuity coverage, you should be certain that you understand all of the relevant factors involved.

You should BE AWARE that you may be required to provide evidence of insurability and

(1) If your HEALTH condition has CHANGED since the application was taken on your present policies, you may be required to pay ADDITIONAL PREMIUMS under the NEW POLICY, or be DENIED COVERAGE.
(2) Your present occupation or activities may not be covered or could require additional premiums.
(3) The INCONTESTABLE and SUICIDE CLAUSE will begin anew in a new policy. This could RESULT in a CLAIM under the new policy BEING DENIED that would otherwise have been paid.
(4) Current law DOES NOT require your present insurer(s) to REFUND any premiums.
(5) It may be to your advantage to OBTAIN INFORMATION regarding your existing policies from the insurer or agent from whom you purchased the policy. Your existing company will provide this information to you.

CAUTION: If after studying the information available to you, you decide to replace your existing life insurance or annuity coverage with our policy, you are urged not to take any action to terminate or alter your existing coverage until after you have been issued the new policy, examined it and found it to be acceptable to you. If you should terminate or otherwise materially alter your existing coverage and fail to qualify for the life insurance or annuity coverage for which you have applied, you may find yourself unable to purchase other life insurance or annuity coverage or be able to purchase it only at substantially higher rates.


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31 Pa. Code § B

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