280 R.I. Code R. § 280-RICR-20-10-1.12 - Document submission and Retention

A. Seller's residency affidavit: The buyer should retain the original affidavit with the other records pertaining to the closing and must produce it for the Division of Taxation, if requested. One copy of the affidavit should be given to the seller. The buyer should not send the affidavit to the Division of Taxation. If there are multiple sellers, there should be one affidavit and copies for each nonresident seller.
B. Election to have withholding based on gain: The seller makes this election by completing one RI Form 71-3 Election and submitting the completed form (and any attachments) to the Division of Taxation at least twenty (20) days prior to the closing date. The seller should retain a copy of the election for matching with Certificate of Withholding Due which will be returned by the Division of Taxation.
C. Installment sale schedule: The information which must be supplied as part of the Form RI 71.3 Election for the installment sale method must be supplied under penalties of perjury by the seller, the seller's certified public accountant, licensed public accountant or attorney and must include all the information contained in § 1.7(F) of this Part
D. Certificate of withholding due: The Division of Taxation shall review the election (Form RI 71.3 Election) and send the approved Certificate of Withholding Due (Form RI 71.3 Certificate) to the seller or designee. The seller must present the certificate to the buyer at the closing and the buyer, using the certificate, completes the remittance form and attaches the original certificate for submission to the Division of Taxation. The buyer and seller should each retain one copy of the certificate with the documents of the sale.
E. Real estate withholding remittance: The buyer should retain one copy of the remittance form with the other records pertaining to the closing, one copy of the remittance form should be given to the seller and the original is sent to the Rhode Island Division of Taxation with the payment indicated. If the remittance is being made for multiple nonresident sellers, a schedule must be attached giving the names, addresses, Federal employer identification numbers (FEI #) or social security numbers (SS#) and the amount being withheld attributable to each nonresident seller. Copies of the remittance form and supplemental schedule should be provided for each nonresident seller in order that appropriate credit can be taken on the nonresident seller's tax return.


280 R.I. Code R. § 280-RICR-20-10-1.12

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